Galen & Paul talk all things Red Rooster Festival ahead of this weekend’s 10th anniversary gathering


Galen & Paul, the dynamic duo known for their nautical-themed folk-pop, have just released their new EP “Uno Más”, and will be playing a special show at Red Rooster Festival at Euston Hall, which takes place this weekend, 30th May – 1st June in celebration of its 10th anniversary.

Their new EP which follows last year’s full-length debut “Can We Do Tomorrow Another Day?”, has already garnered rave reviews from both fans and critics alike, cementing the duo’s status as definite ones to watch, irrespective of their rich musical heritage.

With the success of their latest EP “Uno Más,” fans are eagerly anticipating what comes next for Galen & Paul. The duo have announced a series of live performances across the country, including a highly anticipated appearance at the upcoming Red Rooster Festival, giving audiences a chance to experience their music in a festival setting for the first time.

“We’re really excited about hitting the road and connecting with our fans.” says Paul. “Playing live is where our music really comes to life.”

“There’s something magical about sharing our songs with both existing fans and people who might be intrigued to hear us for the first time. It’s an experience we cherish. We’ve heard great things about Red Rooster Festival and we can’t wait to get over there!”

Red Rooster Festival returns for another epic weekend of Blues and Americana

With a second full-length album already in the works, however, it’s clear that Galen & Paul are only just getting started on their musical journey.

Red Rooster festival, at Euston Hall, from May 30-June 1, will be a melting pot of cajun, soul, rock ‘n’ roll, blues, roots and country music, entertainment and food.

The line-up boasts the last ever UK festival performance from Asleep at The Wheel, who will be joined by Brennen Leigh and Joshua Hedley, Galen and Paul (Paul Simonen – legendary bassist of The Clash), Robert Finley, North Mississippi Allstars, Bob Logg III and more.

Galen Ayers, daughter of legendary singer-songwriter and Soft Machine frontman Kevin Ayers, brings her psychedelic pop sensibilities and soulful vocals to the duo. Paul Simonon, famed bassist of The Clash and more recently a member of Damon Albarn’s The Good, The Bad & The Queen, meanwhile, adds his iconic punk rock edge and seasoned musicianship.

The pair, who first met at a local open mic night, have been creating music together for the past two years. Their unique blend of indie pop, folk, and rock elements has helped set them apart, with “Uno Más” showcasing their ability to seamlessly merge these disparate genres into a cohesive and compelling sound.

The EP opens with the lilting “Get a Life,” a song that immediately grabs the listener’s attention with its sea shanty-inspired melody and rhythmic beats. This is followed by “A La Deriva,” a hauntingly beautiful Latin ballad that highlights Galen’s soulful vocals and Paul’s intricate organ work.

Standout track, “One More for the Road,” meanwhile, perfectly captures the essence of the EP with its introspective lyrics and brassy instrumentation. “The song is about the desire to explore and experience the world,” explains Galen. “It’s a theme that runs throughout our music.”

“Our sound emerged from our shared passion for diverse musical styles and our eagerness to innovate,” adds Paul. “We blended elements from various genres, incorporating Spanish influences and traditional acoustic sounds. The journey was about remaining open-minded and crafting something entirely new for both of us.”

Indeed “Uno Más” is more than just an EP; it’s a declaration of the duo’s arrival and a tantalising preview of what’s to come.

The EP has already received high praise from music critics. Rolling Stone describes it as “a refreshing and innovative record that promises great things for the future of indie music.” Meanwhile, NME hails the duo as “a force to be reckoned with,” noting their “impressive songwriting skills and captivating live performances.”

For Galen & Paul, the release of “Uno Más” is not just a professional milestone but a deeply personal achievement. “We’ve poured our hearts and souls into this EP,” says Paul. “Each song is a reflection of our journey as musicians and as individuals.” Galen adds, “Our different musical backgrounds really complement each other I think. Paul brings his punk rock energy, and I bring a more introspective, lyrical approach and somehow it works.”

“My punk background has always been rooted in discovery and openness to various music styles,” says Paul. “This project let me delve deeper into that exploration by integrating diverse influences and working with a more traditional, acoustic setup. For me it’s all about maintaining an open mind and embracing different musical expressions.”

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