‘A gig like this isn’t necessarily about the music but about who you’re with’ – LCD Soundsystem @ O2 Apollo, Manchester, 06.06.18

It’s 6pm; I’ve finished work for the day and I’m bloody excited. I’m seeing one of my favourite bands in one of my favourite venues. I arrive in Manchester slightly intoxicated following a series of lukewarm Budweisers, it’s nice out so naturally, we head for the nearest beer garden to consume some reasonably priced beverages before being subjected to the daylight robbery of £5.50 San Miguels.

I last saw LCD Soundsystem at Manchester’s Warehouse Project opening night last year and they were superb so I am expecting no less from James Murphy and co. tonight. I’m queueing at the bar and I can already hear the pounding bass of the instantly recognisable ‘You Wanted A Hit’, it’s followed up with ‘Tribulations’ and ‘I Can Change’, the band rattle through seamlessly and effortlessly.

‘Call The Police’ brings the first taste of their latest effort, and to my surprise, is greeted with a roar of ecstasy from the crowd. Considering most of their contemporaries often have to rely on their nostalgic anthems, it’s clear this isn’t the case for LCD.

Later in the set, Nancy Wang takes centre stage for an emphatic cover of Chic’s ‘I Want Your Love’ which is complemented by a huge disco ball whitewashing the Apollo. James Murphy then preempts their encore and they finish with ‘How Do You Sleep’, only to return moments later with the chiming piano notes of ‘Oh Baby’.

‘Dance Yrself Clean’ goes down exactly as you’d imagine. LCD have always nailed tension, letting their songs build and build before finally giving in and releasing into an all-out frenzy, something a lot of modern bands often seem hesitant about.

They conclude their encore with ‘All My Friends’, which evidently means something to everyone in this venue, including myself. A gig like this isn’t necessarily about the music but about who you’re with. That initial piano riff hits and all of a sudden everyone around you is your best friend, regardless of whether you’ve known them for years or a matter of hours, it’s the one reaction this song can garner that no other can.

Despite being in the balcony, everyone is on their feet, jumping, with their arms wrapped around one another, belting the lyrics back to James Murphy. This is unity, everyone in this room is feeling the exact same thing. It’s euphoric and it is unmatched and unrivalled.

Long live LCD Soundsystem x

LCD Soundsystem played:

You Wanted a Hit
I Can Change
Call the Police
Get Innocuous!
Yr City’s a Sucker
Someone Great
I Want Your Love (Chic cover)
How Do You Sleep?

Oh Baby
Emotional Haircut
Dance Yrself Clean
All My Friends

Photo –Tore Sætre

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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