Gigslutz Focus: Dumb

Since their first show together a little over a year ago, Dumb have gone from strength to strength. With their distinctive sound and stylised swagger, this is a group who have no qualms about brandishing exactly what they’re about. And all it takes is one look at their music videos to see how much fun they’re having. Making the leap from playing living room house parties to performing at The Royal Albert Hall isn’t one that just any act can make now, is it?

Indeed, there doesn’t seem to be anything we can fault. From debut single ‘Dive’ with its surging rhythm and scorching guitars, through second release ‘Retina’ and it’s contagious chorus and killer hooks, Dumb have continuously proved themselves infallible. And if their latest offering is anything to go by, they’re only getting better.

‘Super Sonic Love Toy’ is an instant favourite. Coarse vocals and steady percussion give way to chorus that glides and coasts as much as it drives and boasts. Raw guitar riffs and soaring backing vocals combine for a new take on reminiscent sound. With enough “oohs” and tambourine shakes to ensure that the track won’t make it’s way out of your head for weeks, there’s no denying the potency of what you’re hearing.

Double a-side ‘Two Bottles’ is somewhat rawer, but no less larger-than-life. Stadium sized rhythms and searing guitars meet stripped-bare lyrics to create a track capable of tugging on your heartstrings just as much as it does your dancing shoes.

And it doesn’t end there. Live, the band put on a performance that acts as the cherry on an already-iced cake. Entertaining and energetic, they showcase their raw talent in front of often-chaotic crowds with a set that practically spells out g r e a t t h i n g s (see the ‘In Our Mind’ demo if you were quick enough to grab a copy when it was about).

Dumb are clear masters of boisterous charm. Crafting brazen vocals, bold melodies, and brash refrains into anthemic tracks with a seemingly effortless soul-lifting quality, there’s everything to love and nothing to lose by doing so.