Gigslutz interview, Amelia Ward speaks to DEXTERS

Quite fairly described as the “bastard child of the The Clash, The Jam and The La’s” London band Dexters have had quite a year so far. Gaining notoriety after a busy few months supporting top bands, headlining at various venues through the country and relentlessly working their way around the UK festival circuit, they have gone from strength to strength, gaining a dedicated fan base.

Gigslutz’ Amelia Ward caught up with Tom and Chris at Strawberry Fields festival last weekend and had a quick chat with them after their set.

First of all, nice one on your set! You’ve only recently supported BRMC at the 100 club, how was that?

Cheers. Yeah, BRMC are one of our favourite bands, so it was an honour to support them to be honest. I saw them supporting Oasis years ago so it was really good to meet them and play with them.

So you are doing loads of festivals this summer, would you say you prefer the atmosphere of a gig or a festival?

They’re both completely different, people are usually more relaxed at festivals though.

What would you say are your favourite albums or tracks of the year so far?

Anything by Swim Deep, I’ve not turned them off! Oh, and Miles Kane as well, love his new album.

Yeah, I’ve seen Miles Kane a few times this year actually, he’s getting around a bit! What’s next for the band?

We’re at Boardmasters festival tomorrow so we’re heading off to that in a bit! Also we’re supporting The Rifles in November on their tour so there are loads of dates through the country to look out for then.

Have you got a little message for Gigslutz readers at all?

We’ve got a bit of a scoop for you actually! Joel out of the Rifles is actually producing our new single, so that’ll be out in November, that’s an exclusive!

Sound! Well it was dead nice to meet you lads, enjoy Boardmasters…

You too! See you soon.