Gigslutz speaks to The Good Natured

The Good Natured have certainly been making the right noises recently with their 90’s rave pop inspired single ‘5 HT’ and with their album due for release later this year the only way it seems is upwards for the Hampshire electro trio.

Gigslutz caught up with front Sarah McIntosh as she prepares to embark on a nationwide tour in support of Imagine Dragons to talk breaking legs, 80s pop and getting kicked out of her own gigs.

GS: Hi, how are you all and what have you been up to?

SM: Hi Gigslutz! We are all really good thanks. We have just finished a tour with Swiss Lips doing Manchester, Glasgow and London. We’re putting out our new single this week and then heading out on the road with Imagine Dragons which we are really excited about. We are supporting them but I think their fans will really like us.

GS: Your new single 5HT is out now and it’s certainly a banger. Would you say this is your best to date? There is also an interesting cover version I am led to believe?

SM: Yeah we are certainly very proud of it. Saying that though we feel that this is only the start and there will be plenty more to come. This is only the start and we are really excited. And yes, we have a cover of The Fine Young Cannibals, ‘She Drives Crazy’ as the b side!

GS: Quality, I’ve heard it. It’s topper. Where did that come from are you big FYC fans? They had some top tunes to be fair. Are you a fan of 80’s pop in general?

SM: We grew up in very musical families, there were always instruments about and always records being played. There were Bowie & Blondie records all over the place

GS: FYC have some canny pop songs but hardly in the Bowie / Blondie class!

SM: Yeah I know, but George loves the drum beat so that’s where it came from!

GS: And I understand the album is now finished?

SM: Yeah it’s all done, we’re ready to get going with getting it out there now.

GS: You’ve worked with Richard x & Vince Clarke. That must have been special?

SM: Yeah totally. Vince Clarke was amazing to get as we are such big fans. Vince is a bit of a legend to us and very influential. I didn’t actually get to meet him in person as it was all done over emails and stuff but to have him working on our songs was and is amazing. Richard X was great too, so creative.

GS: So your about to go out on tour – Can you explain what your tour bus is like

SM: We just have a little van but it’s cosy! We all tidy it at the end of the night so it’s nice and clean. We’re all very tidy people.

GS: How very rock n roll of you! So what is your best and worst gig memories?

SM: Worst would have to be a time when we got thrown out of our own gig for being underage! I was 17 and Hamish was only 15 so the venue was like “you can’t be in here!!” so we got booted out. I also broke my foot on stage at Liverpool Sound City last year which was really painful but it was still a good gig so that wasn’t too bad. Everyone afterwards presumed I was extremely pissed with my hobbling about but I had han’t a drop. I ended up having to play Glastonbuty in cast. We were headlining the BBC introducing stage so there was no way a broken foot was keeping me away from that!

As for the best that would probably be some of our dates touring Germany. We played Hamburg which was brilliant and private club in Berlin which was a really seedy venue but was an amazing night. SXSW was also great.

GS: What does the future hold?

SM: After this tour with Imagine Dragons we have a tour of our own. Dates are up on our website. We’ll also be doing some acoustic tracks and getting them up on YouTube,. Just writing and playing in general!

GS: Quality, we will be keeping our ears open for the album and we will be catching you on tour. Good luck with that and be careful of falling off stages!

SM: Good advice! Thanks so much, lovely to speak to you…