Glitches LIVE @St Pancras Old Church 17.7.13

Whitechapel based trio, Glitches, seem headed for big things and – judging by the captivating and unique show they put on in St Pancras Old Church and I can see why. The band, seem intent on putting together exciting, unique experiences, as can be seen from their regular ‘Halcyon Nights’ in which they put on their own live music events at Glitches HQ. However, this gig set in the beautifully intimate location of St Pancras Old Church was a particularly special experience to be a part of. Not only was it set in a working church, but Robbie, James and Michael were joined by orchestral ensemble, Organised Chaos.

On arrival at the tiny, and oddly quaint, St Pancras Old Church, I am greeted by a swarm of trendy East London residents and become increasingly aware of my lack of patterned shirt, or asymmetric haircut.  However, getting over my initial feeling of uncoolness and slight confusion at being able to drink beer inside a church, I am able to absorb the wonderfully chilled out atmosphere and dulcet tones of the first act of the night, Liz Lawrence. Off the back of her newly released album, and having featured on the ‘Vampire Diaries’ soundtrack, twenty three year old Lawrence offers an array of charming, acoustic folk songs whilst endearingly wriggling her long legs and telling stories of how she shreds paper to make ends meet. Like a young Joan Baez meets a female Jason Mraz, Liz Lawrence provides a perfect, pretty start to an evening of music in a church.

After an interlude of chilling out and cooling down amongst the cool crowd in the churchyard, I make my way back into the chapel for Glitches’ set. Upon hearing the brass and strings tuning up, a feeling of excitement and anticipation fills the intimate setting, which reaches its climax as vocalist, Robbie, makes his grand entrance. With their intense, dark electro-indie fused with the dramatic undertones of brass and strings, Glitches create a dreamy, atmospheric aura that it is impossible not become entirely immersed in.

Accompanied by a projection show of stunning, bucolic images, each song (whether it’s the eerily intense tones of ‘Leper’, the catchy, climatic sounds of new single ‘Only Time Will Tell’, or the Starsailor-reminiscent ‘Warm Seas’) proves to be engrossing and enjoyable. Whilst I feel that perhaps more could have been made of the exceptional setting and opportunity of having the addition of an orchestral ensemble, this East London trio certainly succeed in showcasing their imagination and enigmatic ideas in a captivating and unique way.

‘I don’t care if you call me a dreamer’ (‘Warm Seas’) – Well then, Robbie, I will… And, if this intimate show is any reflection of what goes through your head at night, then dream away, I look forward to your next fantastical creation.

Glitches’ new single ‘Only Time Will Tell’ is out this week on Kissability records.

Mari Lane