GUEST PLAYLIST: Brazilian Girls

Ahead of their new album Let’s Make Love, due out on 13 April and their first since 2008, Brazilian Girls have compiled a playlist of some of their favourite tracks…

What’s the first song you remember playing on repeat?

Well, we didn’t have a repeat button when I started listening to music, we had LPs and Cassettes. But I guess I would have been playing Led Zeppelin 2 over and over…

What song do you wish you’d written?

I wish I had written Wagner ~ ‘Tannhäuser Overture’. It gives me goose bumps every time I listen to it. The harmony is just otherworldly.

Is there a song that your parents got you into?

Once again, not just a song but LPs. Yddish Traditional Songs, Tomita playing Debussy, and a record by Gato Barbieri are the ones I remember the most. Kinda out there…

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Reggaeton and Trap! I have a range that goes from very vulgar to sophisticated I guess, and I enjoy it all. Sometimes I like elements from it, like the production tricks.

What’s your go-to track when you’re on the road?

‘Bad Card’ by Bob Marley. Or many Bob Marley songs. They get me going.

And before you go on stage?

I remember playing ‘Street Fighting Man’ by the Rolling Stones a few years ago. Sometimes I don’t listen to anything before going on stage. I’m going to start thinking of some picks for the upcoming tour….

If you could erase a song from history – make it so it had never been written – what would it be?

None, I don’t wanna disrespect anyone’s taste in music. Although I do hate a lot of music. And it makes me nervous when it gets imposed on me, like shopping for clothes or at the supermarket.

Give us a new song that we should be listening to… 

‘Put Your Money on Me’ by Arcade Fire. I saw them recently in Buenos Aires. They killed it. Porter, a Mexican band I’m currently producing, asked me to listen to Everything Now, and I rediscovered that song. Love it.

The playlist:

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Melissa Svensen

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