Guide to Live At Leeds – High Tyde

Ahead of their set at Live At Leeds this weekend, High Tyde are the first in a run of bands who will be giving us the low down on who we shouldn’t miss – apart from them, of course – at the festival. (Picks pulled together by frontman Connor Matthews)


I first heard this band a few months back and was blown away with how new and out there they they were. Like, no one was doing what they were doing, that’s why it was so cool and intriguing to me. My favourite song is the self-titled ‘Sprorgnsm’. I love the way the chorus drops into such a minimal section and the keys sound so peng.

Spring King

I love the thrashy sound to this band. Also, I took to the vocal sound they used on their record. I know it’s been done before but I liked how it really felt like their vibe/sound. You know it’s a Spring King song in the first 10 seconds. ‘Who Are You’ is my favourite song of theirs – deffo on the party playlist.

Bad Sounds

Proper into the samples this band use in their tracks. It really feels like they’ve made something new and fresh, which is super important. I met them at a fest last year and seemed like really sound people. I also vibe the clothes they wear. White jumpsuits are a ting. check out ‘Avalanche’ – the vocal harmonies in the verses are killer.

The Pale White

I haven’t got a bad thing to say about these boys! They came on tour with us last March and i wish it was longer. They bought a real good vibe on the road with them and were a dope live band to watch. The drummer has so much energy it’s crazy! The track I really liked doesn’t seem to be on Spotify but if you’re gonna check out this band listen to ‘Downer’ – it won’t disappoint.

George Glew

Maaannn, I don’t need to say that much bout this guy, just listen to ‘Bittersweet’ and you’ll know why I picked him. Crazy vocal, insane melodies, wicked production and the best chorus. Also, also, one more thing: there’s this unreal reverse guitar part in the second verse I think… um fuck yeah.

Circa Waves

I first saw these guys on a NME tour, love the classic thrashy indie sound they’ve got. Great live band, too, they always pull it out the bag at festivals and seem to make crowds fall in love with them even more. First track that really pulled me in was ‘Stuck In My Teeth.’ I really liked the guitar tone and how dangerously fast it was. Deffo give the video a check as well.


Gassed to see these guys. It’s been way too long since the last time. I was in this theatre in our home town Worthing – the place was popping and it doesn’t usually see that much action. First song I really got into was ‘Follow Baby.’ I loved the spacey vocals in the chorus and how the guitars sounded.

The Vaccines

‘Post Break-Up Sex’ is one of my favourite indie songs. I love how the singer sounds so drunk and has that not-give-a-fuck attitude when he’s singing. It’s also pretty anthemic in weird way. Definitely a great festival tune, so being at the top of the Live At Leeds poster means it’s gonna be a crazy one.

Live At Leeds takes place on Saturday 5 May –

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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