Listen Up: Ten Tonnes ‘G.I.V.E.’

Hertford’s golden boy, Ten Tonnes, returns with one of his more mellow offerings to date, ‘G.I.V.E.’.

While Ten Tonnes is currently known for his stomping live energy (thanks to indie-rock set staples ‘Silver Heat’ and ‘Cracks Between’) his latest single, ‘G.I.V.E.’, offers up a visibly more melancholic side of the singer/songwriter.

The stripped-back single shimmers with the knowledge that Ten Tonnes does not need to rely upon vicious riffs or roaring buoyancy to make an impact. Where his previous offerings are enhanced with vivid riffs and a clear streak of indie-rock innovation, ‘G.I.V.E.’ is soft and creamy,  oh-so-rich and lead by the slightly-blue vocal.

Due to the honest vocal being at the helm of the single’s selling point, ‘G.I.V.E.’ is undeniably due to be crowned as the singer’s most heartfelt track to date.  Swooning, thought-evoking and an excellent display of how to subtly use a commanding cowbell; ‘G.I.V.E.’ is a triumph, to say the least.

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Ella Scott

Ella Scott

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