How to start a Video Game Company: A Simple Guide

Nowadays gambling is one of the most popular entertainment all around the world, and at the same time – a perfect idea for the business. If you are in love with creating different types of games and want to make it profitable – you should really think about becoming a developer of gambling games. With a good team and a proper business plan, you could start your own video company and succeed in this sphere, as casinos not on gamstop did.

All you need to get closer to your dream – is to be passionate about things that you are doing, to be ready to go through a row of difficulties in the first stages of your company’s development, and to have an active, motivated, and professional team, that will perfectly manage all tasks.

In this article, we’ll be talking about stages, that you need to go through in order to successfully create your own video game company. We will mention all important moments, that you should remember in order to create a profitable business.>

Step 1. Create your business plan

It’s the most important stage of all, just because it’s basically your guide, that you will follow all the way. If your business plan was successful – you won’t have problems with business either, but if there were major mistakes – there is a huge danger of failure. That’s why if you are not a pro in management, it’s better to hire a special person, who will create a full and profitable business plan for you, counting all possible risks on your way.

Remember, that your business plan should give an answer to the majority of important questions: how much money do you need for start-up and the most important spending; what is your targets on the market; what makes your company special for the customers; what’s main features of your future business (such as name, logo, motto, etc). You could make research yourself or can ask for it someone who does it perfectly if you have enough money for this cooperation.

Step 2. Legalize your company

To protect yourself from all future troubles, it’s better to legalize the company from the beginning and make sure that it won’t be closed because of the government’s will. Again, you could hire a special agent, who will take all work on himself and prepare all documents, get all signatures and others. Or, if you have a low budget, you could do it yourself.

The first, important thing that you should know about it is that there are 4 main types of business structure: corporation, sole proprietorship, partnership, and limited liability company (LLC). You need to learn more about each type and make a decision, which one will be the most suitable for your future company.

If you are registering a gambling business, it would be a good idea to get positive reviews on aggregator sites like

Step 3. Register for taxes

Once you’ve legalized your business, you also need to register for federal taxes. Luckily, you could do it very quickly and absolutely for free. For that, you need to apply for EIN through the IRS website, you could even do it online, through the mail.

Step 4. Open business bank account and credit card

Separating your business and private bank accounts will be a very good decision, because in most cases people, who didn’t do that, in the end, meet up with a row of problems. For example, if something went wrong and you’re in debt because of your business, if you use the same bank account, your private valuables such as cars, flats, houses, and more are in danger too.

That’s why we strictly recommend separating business stuff from private stuff. Also, by using the name of your business instead of your personal name, you could get some advantages from the bank, such as higher credit limits, better interest rates, higher lines of credit, and more.

Step 5. Set up business accounting

You will need to hire a special person, or perhaps, ask someone from your experienced friends to do it for free, to record all your income and spending. That way you will certainly understand whether your company is profitable or not, and could avoid losing a huge quantity of money.

Moreover, having an accurate and detailed account, it’ll be easier for you to orientate in different taxes and loans.

Step 6. Get business insurance

Business insurance will provide safety to your company in order of any unpredicted dangers. It will protect your financial well-being from any losses, caused by reasons, that you can’t control.

In general, there are several types of business insurance, that could cover different levels of damage, so we recommend you to examine them and choose the one that suits you most. For small beginner businesses, we recommend General Liability Insurance.


Creating a business needs a lot of preparation, patience, financial and moral resources. And of course, if it’s your first business, you will have to go through a lot of problems. But, we also assure you, that this way is very interesting and could bring you an impressive income in future, if you are slowly, step by step, improving your business and starting to make a profit from it.