Hudson Taylor Interview

Having honed their craft at an early age busking in Dublin, the brothers – Alfie and Harry (Hudson Taylor is their surname) – still only 18 and 20 respectively, have become a word-of-mouth favourite with their energetic live shows. Their DIY work ethic led them to release their debut EP on their own label Craic Records and entirely under their own steam they charted the Battles EP at no.14 on iTunes UK and no. 1 in Ireland.

We catch up with Harry before the sound check in Nottingham where they are supporting flavour of the month Jake Bugg.

GS: So, to introduce yourself to GS readers, tell us a wee bit about Hudson Taylor.

HHT: We are Harry, and Alfie Hudson Taylor, from Dublin. We started about 4 years ago busking on the streets of Dublin just doing covers and stuff and trying to make a quick buck. We seemed to get a good response though, so we took it to YouTube and social networks. The response was great and Hudson Taylor was formed about 18 months ago. We then moved to London and made this all happen…

GS: You’re still relatively young, who was it that inspired you to get into being in a band and writing songs? Was it the dream of sex drugs n rock n roll, or are you music obsessives?

HHT: To be honest it was more the reaction we got to our songs. It was all just doing it for fun, it was our hobby but when we saw the reaction and realised if you try hard you can do it. We got contacted by a manager and it went from there. We were totally ignorant of the music industry and all we knew was how to make a quick buck busking doing covers.

GS: I suppose the sex, drugs and rock n roll are an added bonus then!  You started doing the covers what was your favourite?

HHT: Champagne Supernova was the first so probably that. We’ve got a load up on YouTube, check them out!

It all started on a family holiday In Italy years ago on one those European camp sites with loads of different nationalities. I used to go down to the beach with my guitar on a night with all these really inspiring German folk and just play songs for them whatever they requested. It’s a really good way to practice songs.

GS: Being in a band with your brother must be difficult. Are there and Liam & Noel type punch ups, or are you able to get along alright? 

HHT: No there hasn’t been any punch ups. We are really lucky we get on really well together and at the end of the day you can’t get rid of your brother so you might as well get on with him. The only thing we have any falling outs over is if he steals any of my food.

GS: That’s fair enough, you can’t be pinching food. So you don’t fight, but if you did have a proper scrap, who would win?

HHT: I would! My sheer agility and supreme martial art skills would account for the victory. (Harry then goes off on a bizarre 5 minute rant about chop sticks and forks in his strong Dublin accent which leaves us baffled)

GS: Harry! Back on track mate, you’re on tour with Jake Bugg at the minute, are these some of the biggest gigs you’ve played to date?

HHT: Sorry! Yeah, it’s a great tour to be on. We love Jake and he loves us too so it’s really cool. These are defiantly the biggest audience we’ve played in front of and the demographic of those turning up suits us perfectly.

GS: How has the crowd responded to you?

HHT: Yeah they’ve been great. The places have been full when we’ve been going on and we aren’t too dissimilar in style to each other so that’s made it easier. We’ve sold a few CD’s and the feedback has been great so happy days!

GS: From my observations at your show I was at during the week it was like a mini Beatle mania with all the screaming girls around. Are you filling your boots on anything Jake Bugg can’t handle?

HHT: (bursts out laughing) Hilarious!! Erm….. Errrrrrm……

GS: The silence is deafening! Moving on then, what, in your opinion, is the greatest album of all time?

For me this has to be Sgt Peppers. It’s certainly one of the greatest. It’s not conventional but it’s so out there. They used the first 8 tracks and 4 tracks on it and for the time they really pushed the boat out. I’ve pretty much studied that album man.

GS: You had ‘battles’ EP released last year which was well received – what does the future hold?

After this tour we are going to go into to lock down and look to get the album done. We’ll probably put another EP out and some free downloads. From this tour we’ve picked up a lot more fans so we want to get something out to them.

GS: Cool. Ok then, before you pop off let’s have some daft quick fire questions:

Frosties / Coco Pops:  Coco pops

Blondes / Brunettes: Blondes

Beatles / Stones: Beatles

Jennifer Hudson / Taylor Swift: (after a long pause) Whhhoa! I’ve just noticed what you did there. Taylor Swift. I’m going to use that one myself.

GS: Right, cheers mate. Good luck with the rest of the tour, and always double bag with those groupies!

Ha ha! Brilliant, thanks!