The humble beginnings of music’s biggest stars

It can take a long time to achieve our dreams and make it big. Whether we want to run our own business or break into the markets of singing, acting, or anything else competitive, it can take a lot of hard graft to get there and some very big sacrifices – including some less than glamorous jobs.

While it may seem hard to believe now, some of the world’s biggest music stars all started off in jobs very different from how we know them – here’s a peek at some of the most outrageous jobs that our favourite stars have had.

Jennifer Hudson

She hit headlines in 2010 after her dramatic weight loss, but that’s a world away from the calorie-laden meals with which Jennifer Hudson used to associate. The Dream Girls and Sex and the City star worked at Burger King in her teen years, but soon chucked it all in in favour of pursuing stardom. She said: “I quit working there when I was like 17, 18, and I said, ‘You know what? Forget this!’” Evidently, it worked.

Russell Crowe

He may be more well known for his acting skills, but Russell Crowe impressed us all in 2012 when he took on a singing role as Javert in Les Miserables. Long before he was donning his gladiator gear however, Crowe had a job as a bingo caller in his teenage years. He was promptly fired for being ‘too creative’ with the numbers but he had the last laugh – he’s now an Oscar winner. It’s doutbtful he’ll return to the halls any time soon though – with sites like Fortune Palace pointing people towards online bingo nowadays, he’ll scarcely have anybody to make jokes to.

Victoria Beckham

This one is enough to make anybody gasp – known for her world domination of the fashion market, being married to a world famous footballer and of course, being one fifth of a girl band that change pop culture as we know it, Victoria Beckham did have one job she’d rather forget. Starring in a BBC show called Body Matters promoting sexual health, the star donned a sperm costume and danced around on rollerskates. Really.

Mick Jagger

Today we know him as the front man of The Rolling Stones who’s had more hits than Mike Tyson, but Mick Jagger hasn’t always lived the rock and roll champagne lifestyle. As a youth, Mick worked as a porter in Bexley Mental Hospital, earning just £4 a week. It seems laughable now given that the star is worth $360 million.