IC1’S LIVE @ Islington Assembly Hall 28.11.14

Hailed as ‘a real rock ‘n’ roll band with attitude and ability’, by none other than the Libertines Gary Powell, we were excited to head down to Islington’s Assembly Hall on Friday to catch IC1’s on their last leg of their tour supporting Dexters. Having already played alongside the likes of The Cribs, The Charlatans and Bloc Party, and toured with The Family Rain and Darlia, IC1’s are firmly starting to carve a name for themselves in an exciting industry.

Walking onto loud cheers, the crowd were clearly up for it and hotly anticipating a set of great potential. Opening with track ‘Levitate’ the boys treated the audience to a seven song slot, filled with some old favourites and new material. The lads were clearly just that, ‘lads’, a bit cocky and self assured, with frontman Daniel Colburn leading the way with his confident swagger and charismatic stage presence. The five pieces attitude was not misplaced however as the young lads thrashed out genuinely catchy indie pop tracks, managing to churn the eager crowd into a singing along frenzy.

“This one’s new, and it’s the fucking Bollocks” announced Colburn as new track “Glue’ began, all anthemic choruses and catchy melodies. Bandmates kept in solid musicianship through-out playing polished guitar riffs alongside the soulful vocals. Both crowd and band had an easily involving interplay, with the ‘part of the action’ atmosphere that you would find at the gigs of best loved bands and their fans. Penultimate song came in the form of ‘Armada’, a track with no shortage of attention worthy guitar licks and an underlying romantic charm.

Final track of the set ’ Wack Jack’ was an obvious rabble rousing crowd pleaser, with infectious hit song potentials. The band left the stage to the louder and louder audience chants of ‘IC1’ that ended the set on an undeniable high. After catching IC1’s for the first time, they left you with the feeling that you’re about to add another band to the firm favourite’s list. We’re predicting even bigger things from this indie rock band, with a clear already established fan base and a well deserved self assurance that only the best bands seem to have.

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