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Though festival season may be swiftly coming to a close, we’re not quite done yet. Still to come, and managing to sell out its inaugural event, Hospitality In The Park is set to bring the best of drum and bass to London’s Finsbury Park.

An important event, particularly in light of the closure of Fabric, Hospitality is offering a 360 degree festival feel with tethered balloon rides in Hospital Records’ very own custom built hot air balloon, live graffiti and art installations, and a truly feel-good day. Ahead of the landmark event, we got to know Cookie Monsta a little bit better…

Hey man, how are things? How has the festival season been for you?
Festival season was crazy this year!

What has been the craziest thing you have seen this Summer?
I basically had no sleep from DJing the night before and had to play a festival the next day, I pretty much died on stage.

Do you have a favourite festival to play at? Any reason why?
EDC Las Vegas because it’s just crazy big and the vibe is amazing, the production is always on point and everyone is very professional. Always crazy shit popping off 

What is your favourite city to play in? How come?
America is the place to be, I would live over there but home is where the heart is. England is my cold, moody home. 

If you had to choose one track that you had to play every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Easily Massive Attack – angel. Too sick 

Say you are given your own DJ set, with no limitations as to what you could play, what would be your opening and closing song?
Well, it’d be what I’ve been opening and closing with recently in my sets. Two unreleased tracks that are perfect for an opening; cinematic as fuck. 

What have you got in store for us down the pipeline? New tracks? New album?
Albums are pointless in today’s age of instant availability. Albums don’t have the same impact as they did years ago, especially in the genre I’m in. So the plan has been to release two tracks at a time or a 4 track EP, this way you can release tracks constantly throughout the year. I have a new 2-track single coming out this month.

If you could collaborate with any musician, who would it be and why?
Prodigy, they’ve been in my life ever since i can ever remember and have been a huge inspiration. 

Do you feel your genre of music is becoming ever more popular in the music scene? How do you see it growing over the coming years?
Well, in the UK every kid is listening to house or pop/grime, so the scene over here is minimal. The rest of the world has embraced the music more so than the UK, so many of us are always on tour or playing shows in Europe/Canada/worldwide. America is on fire right now and has been for years, the scene is ever evolving and changing. They are the guys who support the artists they love and aren’t afraid to show it. I’ve been doing this for about 8 years and I don’t see it slowing down any time soon!

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