INTERVIEW: Miles Kane (The Jaded Hearts Club)

There is perhaps no stronger line-up for a current super group than that of The Jaded Hearts Club. Comprised of lead vocalists Miles Kane (of The Last Shadow Puppets) and Nic Cester (of Jet), they’re joined by the all-star cast of Graham Coxon (Blur), Jamie Davis (Transcopic), Matt Bellamy (Muse) and Sean Payne (The Zutons).

The Jaded Hearts Club are set to release their blistering debut album, ‘You’ve Always Been Here’, on October 2nd and Gigslutz got the chance to talk to Miles Kane about the recording, member selection and the band’s brief stint as a party band for hire.

Hi Miles, first things first can you tell me about to origins of the group? Is it initially came about to play Jamie’s [Davis] birthday party?

Yeah that’s right. It was Jamie’s birthday. I suppose Jamie’s like the ringleader of it all, he sort of brought everyone together. So it was for his birthday in a little bar in Los Angeles.

And how did you go about deciding who joined. Were there specific people you had in mind for members?

I think it’s was just people Jamie knew really well. And who was about really, until we’ve reached this final line-up. Like Ilan from Nine Inch Nails was with us for a bit.

So how did the album come about? Was the recording done as a group or more individually?

They did it all in LA. I just did my vocals over here, at the back end of last year. I’ve never recorded an album like that. It was mainly Matt and Jamie, they’re the core of it really. Like they work super hard on the production and stuff. Before then we all discussed what songs would be what, especially figuring it out between me and Nick.

And was it a relatively easy process to get it down?

It was super easy really. And the idea of Nick singing the rockier songs with the more raspy voice and mine being the more Northern Soul or the Punkier type things. That seemed to fit our lanes. When me and Nick sang together it was quite clear who’d do what. And I think it translated onto the record.

So how did you go about selecting which songs made it onto the album? Was there a clear decided list or open to suggestions?

There was loads of playing Nick some tunes and getting them batted around. Or it’s like, “Love Gone Bad” I think Jamie found that one actually. And then they sent it to me and said, ‘What about doing this’. I actually hadn’t heard that tune before, so I was like, ‘Yeah let’s try this song’

And I can imagine it’s quite a different experience working in this context as opposed to your solo stuff, or your work in The Last Shadow Puppets,  when you’re trying to put your own spin on other people’s songs.

I think as a collective, the amount of energy, or thought, or time, was pretty similar to it being your own songs. Like when you’re singing them, you get lost in them and you forget their even covers in the end. I think everyone’s mind set was this is being made in a serious way. The joke had become a record and we wanted it to be the best it could be.

With the group having so many members from so many different bands I felt that everyone’s individual tones came through on the record.

Yeah I think so man. I think everyone has their own place. Everyone knows their lane and they have the freedom to go down it. Whether it’s guitars or big bass or the singing, it’s kind of like it just fits perfectly really.

And obviously with everything happening at the minute touring unfortunately isn’t possible, but has there been any plans for virtual gigs?

Hmmm. I think I’d rather just wait until it’s back to normal. I can’t speak on behalf of the others. At this moment anyway. I’d just wait until you can go and do it…proper, in a packed room full of everyone. It’s a tricky one, but there’s just something about it that feels a bit weird to me.

Last thing from me, could you tell us about any plans you might have on the horizon?

When we can we’ll do some gigs for Jaded Hearts and I’ve just finished a solo record so we’ll try get a plan in place for that. Really just see what happens next year. 

You’ve Always Been There’ by The Jaded Hearts Club is released October 2nd and can be ordered here.