Interview: Sinplus

The sounds of Sinplus are currently flying over the continent of Europe like a flag in the wind. The brothers from Switzerland have already picked up an MTV Award for Best Swiss Act along with a nomination for Best European Act. This year, Ivan and Gabriel are set to take on the UK with their latest single ‘Dreams’. To think it all started when they were nine years old writing about vampires…

Hi Sinplus, tell us a bit about yourselves. From what age did you both decide that you would create music together as brothers?

Hi everybody…I’m Gabriel and Ivan is my brother. Yes, we’ve always played music together since we were kids. Our father used to have a band and started playing quickly after. Playing in the rehearsal room was like our playground. We were around 9 years old when we wrote and recorded our first song. It was a song about a vampire.
Creating music together was a natural thing which we always did and always will do. We’re eating thanks to songwriting since we’re 5 years old. Nobody thought it was possible to do it when coming from a small village in the south of Switzerland.

You must have grown up listening to the same music which was played in the house, but do you both have different artists or bands who influence you?

True, we’re lucky, our parents had a huge collection of amazing vinyl.
Pink Floyd, Eurythmics, Ultravox, Dire Straits, Fleetwood Mac, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Michael Jackson, U just to name a few. Of course, we have different artists who influence us. I used to be more into the Californian Punk Pop scene and Ivan more in the UK scene.
Are you both able to put one another outside of each of your comfort zones musically?

Honestly, I think that in the past sometimes we experimented with many different styles because we were curious and willing to try. It’s kind of an addiction. Maybe it was hard for the fans to find the typical Sinplus sound but I guess this is the way it had to be. We’re getting closer to our sound. We like many kinds of different music depending on the mood. Let’s see how it evolves.

Having supported Human League and Jimmy Eat World, did you pick up any pearls of wisdom from either of these legendary bands?

Every time you listen to a song you can learn something, so sharing the stage with such big acts was a great lesson. It was impressive to see how they set up the sound in a very good and fast way and to see them performing, being in the position to give true emotions.
In general, we didn’t go to a music school to learn how to write a song. We go on learning by doing and trying to work with as many great guys as we can and absorb from them and their strengths everything we can. We try to learn from every experience or mistake. It’s our attitude.
You already have an established fanbase on the European continent, are you excited to find out what the UK has to offer?

We’re super excited!!! UK is THE country of modern music. We have chocolate, watches, Roger Federer and banks and you have music. So, it’s an honour to present our music there to you. Playing in the UK it’s a dream, can’t wait to start.

As Dreams is your fifth single release, is there an album on the not too distant horizon?

In 2018 we did a promise to ourselves with the goal to release all the songs we believe in, “Dreams” is already our third single in 2018. In the future, if it’s an album or singles we still don’t know. The most important thing is to be true and to express what one feels with a song. We’ve got a lot to say. Anyway, we will probably release a new album in 2019. The idea is to mix tribal/jungle rhythm with a kind of dreamy pop/rock. Let’s see what comes out, but it’s what’s most important for us that it will give our fans emotions.

What does the rest of 2018 have in store for you?

We are going to release a party song for the Soccer World Championship because we love football. During the summer we are going to play in some festivals (also in the UK!) and a club tour during autumn is on the agenda. We also would like to release another song we have in September. So, a lot of things going on. Keep on rocking!!!

Nicky Lee-Delisle

Nicky Lee-Delisle