INTERVIEW: Sunset Sons

Sunset Sons are a band going places. They’ve recently signed with Polydor Records and they have a spot on the prestigious Radio 1 playlist with single, ‘She Wants’. I managed to catch up with Jed from the band for a quick chat.

Gigslutz: So Jed, how are you and how’s the current tour going?

Jed: Good man, it’s going really well.

Gigslutz: Heard that you recorded a new music video recently, how did that go?

Jed: Yeah man, it was really cool. Loads of people showed up and we collected two music videos in one for two new tunes off the new EP… They both have different vibes and we wanted to capture it live. We basically just did a show, invited loads of people to come down and enjoy the show while being in the video.

Gigslutz: When can we expect to see it?

Jed: Pretty soon actually, we got a message from the directors because they did it all on 16mm film so we’re waiting for it to come back as it has to be developed and it’ll be edited. Next couple of weeks hopefully!

Gigslutz: How gutted were you when you heard about the Sunday of Boardmasters being cancelled? It would’ve been a massive gig for you guys seeing as you were performing on the main stage!

Jed: We were really looking forward to it, we were drawn into the site while the hurricane was hitting and it was just pandemonium everywhere… Looked like something from a disaster movie! But we managed to sort out a pop up gig on Sunday and the Thursday when we did the beach sessions went really good.

GS: Reading and Leeds this weekend, how excited are you guys for that?

J: We’re all absolutely buzzing for it, it’s really good to be on the BBC Introducing stage because a load of good bands have come from that.

GS: Any plans to see other bands during the weekend?

J: I’ve only had a brief look at the line-up but I’m really keen to see Queens of the Stone Age on the Friday at Reading, that one’s a no-brainer basically. We’re going to try and get there as early as possible on Friday to see as much as we can.

GS: What can people expect from a Sunset Sons show?

J: A lot of energy, we just love playing live! We try not to be too serious, we just wanna make sure that we’re having a good time.

GS: That’s what I like to hear. You guys have recently been signed to Polydor Records – how did that come about?

J: That’s a funny one really… We released an EP and we already had a bit of a following as such so it did pretty well on the iTunes chart, I think we just popped up on everyone’s radar and people got really interested. As we hadn’t really played Britain – we did most of our shows in France – the first time we played in England, about 40 or 50 A & R guys showed up! We were then just talking to lots and lots of labels; we wanted to settle on the label that let us make the record that we wanted to make and cut through the chaff – Polydor were the ones that really came across like that.

GS: Is there any pressure that comes with being on a label with bands like The Cure, The Rolling Stones and all those other big bands?

J: Yeah, there’s a little bit of pressure but pressure makes diamonds! We don’t really feel it yet though, we’ve pretty much written the record anyway and we still have more songs coming.

GS: So, what’s next for Sunset Sons? Any plans to record or to tour again in the near future?

J: We’re going to start recording a new EP next month in Wales, four new tracks. One of them will be available on our Facebook page for free, it’s called ‘Come Easy’ but it’s not the lead track… We’re going to release another track that will hopefully go on the radio and come out at the end of October. Our last gig for this tour is Jersey Live and then we go back home to France for a couple weeks, we start making our record after that. We’re gonna come back in October and do a bit more of a city-based tour.

GS: When do you think the record will be coming out, sometime next year?

J: Aiming for sometime next year but we want another EP out before the album, hopefully EP start of the year and album in the summer… I feel like it should be a summery sort of record!

GS: Thanks for the chat, nice to finally catch up seeing as we couldn’t on the Sunday of Boardmasters!

J: At least you didn’t blow away with the hurricane!

Sunset Sons play the BBC Introducing stage at Reading and Leeds this weekend.

Junior Cobbinah