Anglo-Swedish duo Superhand are singer Inga Carlstrom and instrumentalist Leck Fischer. To date the band have released two singles, ‘Discpline Me’ and ‘Crystal Pianos’. As they get ready to release debut album American Teeth, we caught up with them to talk about their influences, making videos and what they have planned come the revolution…

GIGSLUTZ: Hello Superhand. Where are you and what have you been up to this week?

We are in the hills of mid Wales. Leck has been gardening and tending to his tomatoes. We are in the process of recording new material and designing a new off-grid studio. We are searching for directors for new videos. Looking at off-road vehicles, because we now live in the mountains and the snow will be coming. Learning how to shoot… because the revolution is coming.

You count Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Led Zeppelin among your influences. Which contemporary bands are you into?

Die Antwoord, The Dead Weather, Queens of The Stone Age, Death Grips, Suuns.

On your website you ask: “Do you feel that perhaps you were born in the wrong place, wrong time?”Given the choice, where and when would you like to have been born?

In the Future… when all the idiots have killed themselves.

What’s the story behind your latest video ‘Crystal Pianos’?

We made it up from old material lying around. The vocal shots were from another song- hence no lip sync, but we liked that, it was dreamy. The graphics were left over from a Spiritualized video Mike Mason had made. The other footage was shot whilst driving to the studio in London to record either drums or the brass section at the Fish Factory for our album American Teeth. It all came together to form a moving swirly dreamy visual.

What was the first album you bought?

Leck: Swan Lake, as a kid. We had a school fete and it was the only music I recognised at the time. I remembered the melodies, so I bought it. Later I got into Nick Cave.

Inga: I never remember buying any music of my own, as I was surrounded by it. We had loads of vinyl in the house, and Abbey Road and Sgt Pepper on rotation in the kitchen cassette player. My mother would collect new records for me at car boots, getting me more Hendrix, Led Zep albums. Later on I got into Funkadelic, Bootsy and Prince. I bought a lot of Prince…

If Emily Eavis called you up and asked you to choose the three headline acts for Glastonbury next year, who would you pick?

Neil Young: his sound is amazing. His words hold integrity and honesty unparalleled. Prince: one of the best performers ever. Bjork: mega vocals, unique style, super intense talent. Beautiful. (If we were allowed a fourth, The Dead Weather: best rock/blues band this century.)

Which fictional character to you most identify with?

Leck: The Angel in Wings of Desire. I am pretty much silent like him; I watch the world go by. And I’d like to have a coffee with Colombo.

Inga: Scarlett O’Hara for her balls and steely determination: I can identify with her very strongly.

Finally, what’s next for Superhand?

We are recording/writing new material at the moment, and preparing for our album launch. We want to play/book more gigs and tour. And produce more videos. We’re searching for good visual artists to work with, and very soon our album, which we have printed now, will be on sale from our website.

Paul Sng


Paul Sng

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