Recently Tom Grennan announced that he will be playing a headline show at the O2 Brixton Academy, following the news of his upcoming album Lighting Matches. We caught up with him to talk David Beckham, secret lovers and the upcoming album.

How was meeting David Beckham last night?

Yeah, I spoke to him for a bit about his room and stuff, I spoke to him a little bit about his niece, his sister has just had a baby with my friend. He was in a rush though so didn’t want to keep him for long, but he’s my hero.

How are you feeling about playing the o2 Brixton Academy? Is this the first time you’ll be playing there?

It’s crazy, because I never thought I’d be able to play Brixton. Playing a venue like that is a dream come true really, I won’t sell it out now, imagine, two people in Brixton.

You recently hit over 100k views on your music video for your latest track ‘Sober’, were you expecting this kind of response?

Nah, I wasn’t expecting that response at all, I don’t really expect anything, I just put things out and hope that people like it. Everything for me has been really positive, yeah I’m really pleased with it and proud of it.

What’s the narrative in the song ‘Sober’?

I just wrote that when I was really hungover, you know those days where you’re just like, “oh, I’m never drinking alcohol again.” So I was feeling really shit, and down and depressed, I had just got so fucked up the night before and then two days later I was back at it. But it’s basically about me just wanting to become sober. You could look into it deeper, but that’s where it comes from.

Did you have a dry January?

Erm, no, I’ve never had a dry January before, I’ve had dry Marches. I don’t really know why, but definitely last year I had a dry March.

What’s the meaning of your new album title; Lighting Matches?

The title name came from the idea of igniting my career, and like starting my career. The idea of the start of something new, lighting a new flame and all.

Have you set anything on fire before?

Yeah, the car in the video. I’m not a fire maniac, but that was the first time I had set something on fire. Really and truly I wanted this music video to be in a desert. In Morocco, or somewhere like that. We were going to, but we couldn’t get permission to do it, you need a license to do it. Bit shit, but it came out good.

What do you think about the importance of social media propelling your career in 2018?

I think everything is social media right now, it’s scary, but I think it’s so important to be on social media and just putting everything on there. At first, before I started doing music full time and stuff I hated social media, but now I love it, connecting with people that you don’t know, bands connecting with people from all over the world is just really good.

Is there any reason you chose to add the acoustic version to All Goes Wrong in your album?

Erm, yeah because the original is the proper Chase and Status one, the acoustic one is more just my vocal and the piano. And the album is not a drum and bass album, so imagine if I had put it in there, wouldn’t really have gone with it.

Your latest song ‘Secret Lover’, is there anyone that this track is about?

‘Secret Lover?’ It’s not out yet, have you heard it?

Yeah, I thought it was really good

Really, that’s sick, I think it’s a sick song, I love that song. It’s not about anyone, I just wanted to write a song that was fun, and I hate the word sexy, but kind of like that. It is like a Justin Timberlake song isn’t it, I wanted to act cool and sexy.

Do you think you’ve ever been someone else’s secret lover? Or are someone else’s secret lover?

Oh mate, I’m so many people’s secret lover. Nah, I dunno, I’ve never been like a secret lover, if other people love me secretly, I don’t know.

Was this year the first time you atteneded the Brit Awards?

Nah, I went two years ago, but it wasn’t that big, it was just as I got signed and so I had never been around the music industry and stuff. I left quite early last time, so this one is like my first one.

Who was your favourite artist to see live that night?

Erm, probably Stormzy, Dua Lipa was pretty sick as well.

Do you think anyone under-performed?

Justin Timberlake, was so dead, he didn’t play any of his hits.

Alongside playing at The Great Escape this year do you know what other festivals you’ll be covering?

The ones that I can say I’m playing are Reading and Leeds and Isle of Wight Festival.

What’s been your most over asked interview question since you’ve been in the music industry?

Who are your influences, that is the one.

Do you think it’s a frustrating question to answer since people can most likely find the answer online now?

You didn’t ask it, I rate that, I like you. Big up Gigslutz!

Tom Grennan playsO2 Brixton Academy, Tuesday 16th October.
You can buy tickets here

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