INTERVIEW: The Vryll Society

The Vryll Society have been taking the scene by storm recently with the mesmerising grooves found surging throughout their music. Having already toured with the likes of Blossoms, the Liverpudlians are looking as though they are on their way to big things. Whilst the band are currently on tour alongside Hidden Charms, we caught up with frontman Ryan Ellis…

 Hi guys! First of all how’re you doing and what’ve you been up to so far this week? 

Hi Gigslutz! We hope you chaps are doing well! Well so far this week we started our tour with Hidden Charms, we started in Stoke then went on to Nottingham and then London last night, now we’re on our way to Birmingham so it’s all cool.

You’ll just about be recovering from an insanely busy summer with all those festival appearances! How did you guys find it? 

 This summer has been fantastic, we got to travel Europe and play nearly all the bloody festivals in the UK, it was a screamer! We can’t wait for more.

 It’s clear to see you’re keeping the momentum going strong, your new single ‘A Perfect Rhythm’ is set for release on November 4th – what can you tell us about the track?

 Yeah the track is due for release on the 4th of November, it’s like a shallot, lots of lovely layers.

Although it’s going to be physically released in about a fortnight, the new track is on Spotify for people to have a listen to now – how would you say the general reaction has been so far? 

 We’ve already had lots of great reviews and comments on it so we’re happy and we can’t wait to see how it does.

 Would you consider one key to success for up and coming bands is to not relax too much – looking at bands such as the likes of Blossoms who rose very quickly?  

 Well obviously cracking on and working is definitely the way to go and it will definitely pay off, but don’t go and drive yourself mad you know, you’ve still got to be happy and enjoy what you’re doing.

What would you say is the most rewarding thing about being on tour as a band? 

 The most rewarding thing about being on tour is definitely playing every night, playing live is fantastic so we buzz off it. Scenic drives are always a nice addition to the trip as well.

Would you kindly summarise yourselves and your live show for those people that may not have come across you guys before?

 Our live show is like a journey, feel free to come with us.

 Who (alive or dead) inspires you the most as musicians in terms of a live aspect? 

 We’re really into people like Kraftwerk, CAN, Pink Floyd, Jean Michel Jarre, Goat, Tame Impala. They do it for us.

Finally, what else can we expect to see from The Vryll Society in the near future? 

We’ll be releasing more tunes and playing more shows, we look forward to it.


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