Yip Deceiver consist of Davey Pierce (producer/songwriter) and Nicolas  ‘Dobby’ Dobbratz (executive vibes manager). Based in Athens, Georgia, the duo released their debut album Medallius in early July. We caught up with them to discuss anagrams, adoration for Richard Branson and the secrets of rock ‘n’ roll.

GIGSLUTZ: Hello Yip Deceiver.Where are you and what have you been up to this week?

YIP DECEIVER: In Los Angeles writing, co-writing, and recording for our new album.

GIGSLUTZ: We’re really intrigued, how did you reach the name Yip Deceiver?

YIP DECEIVER: It’s the fault of Clayton Rychlik, our original drummer. He came up with it as a failed anagram for Davey’s name. If we had called ourselves Yap Deceiver it would have worked but that just didn’t sound right.

GIGSLUTZ: You worked with Flynt Flo$$y of Turquoise Jeep on the video for ‘Presets’. What do you think the video adds to the track?

YIP DECEIVER: Flo$$ has a unique visual mind so we were super excited to see how he interpreted the track. The video was shot in one evening and edited while on tour together, resulting in a stylish, personal minimalism our previous videos lacked. We felt this fit the song well.

GIGSLUTZ: Name three influences on your music, without whom you would most likely be doing something else…

YIP DECEIVER: Fugazi, NWA, New Edition.

GIGSLUTZ: What’s the most rock n’ roll thing each of you have done?

YIP DECEIVER: Well, if we told you that it wouldn’t be rock n’ roll… but we do own a guitar.

GIGSLUTZ: Your all time music idol asks you to do a duet with them. Who would each of you be sharing a stage with?

YIP DECEIVER: Anita Baker (Dobby) and Michael MacDonald (Davey).

GIGSLUTZ: What was the first song you fell in love with and which album could you not live without?

YIP DECEIVER: Eddie Grant, ‘Electric Avenue’; Elvis Costello, My Aim is True.

GIGSLUTZ: Richard Branson gives you a shitload of cash and asks you to curate your own festival – who would you book?

YIP DECEIVER: First off, meeting Richard Branson is an actual dream of mine. The festival… Sade, Kraftwerk, Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Fugazi reunion, 2pac (Branson can handle this), Electric Six, Turquoise Jeep, Phone Call, El Guincho, Buju Banton, Beenie Man, Yonatan Gat… to start.

GIGSLUTZ:The two of you disagree a little over how to label the album’s sound, with Dobby dubbing it as ‘smooth punk’ and Davey voting ‘indie R & B’. Why the different answers?

YIP DECEIVER: Wishful thinking on both of our parts.

GIGSLUTZ: What’s next for Yip Deceiver?

YIP DECEIVER: Recording the new album and getting out to Europe is at the top of the list. Let us know if you have any leads!

Yip Deceiver will be announcing live dates for the UK and Europe shortly.

Beth Kirkbride


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