THE HUNTER – An Introduction

“Lover not a fighter, smiter of those to be smote, tangents are his best friend, passion fuels the blood, Havatyou!” (he wrote this himself obviously) zzzzz. Apparently whilst gorging his eyes on a documentary about Agincourt.

Gigslutz gives you the Hunted One and his random babblings. You can hear his drunken take on music n life on his regular Gigslutz radio show. (see Gigslutz Radio section)

Well seeing as this is my first blog, I suppose I should explain why I’m doing it.

I’m on a quest to find people who share my increasingly deviant, risque and perverted outlook on life. Due to other activities I’m sometimes meeting my heroes and other people in the limelight and I want to share any offence I caused on that occasion and am bound to cause in the future.

Once I have amassed a crew of fellow deviants, I will then divulge the plans I have locked in the loft that entail decamping to a huge cabin somewhere remote, so much so that I cannot tell you more about it right now, and living the lifestyle of “gods”. Although I must make it clear now that my stance on religion means that “jesus”, “god” or any other fictional character invented by some blokes with sunstroke in order to feed their own carnal and financial desires (actually, genius! I’m having that!) will always be lower case and in speech marks.

This could veer from the dull to the salacious, lewd to amoral, and sometimes just a “ya what” based paradox of nothingness, but you’re either with me, or agin’ me.

In the words of Hunter S Thompson; “buy the ticket take the ride”.

On that note, I shall sign off as The Hunter. Partly as I’m obsessed with the man and partly because one sentiment driving this blog is to leave behind the shmaltz and butt kissing self interest you generally come across in other blogs and hunt the true emotions and perceptions of people that are too few and far between.

The Hunter