Introducing Interview: K V A S I R

Keen to retain his anonymity, electronic artist K V A S I R fuses together elements of ’80s and ’90s dance music along with dreamy, glitchy electronica, to create something quite sublime.

Already becoming known for his intense, immersive live performances, and with a new EP set for release next month, we caught up with the mysterious K V A S I R to find out more…

Hi K V A S I R, welcome to Gigslutz! How are you today?
In line with my strive for positivity I’m well thanks.

Tell us a bit more about K V A S I R.
I’ve produced hundreds of tracks for other people and this EP was my first step towards taking time to focus on my own music.  I chose to become K V A S I R because I wanted to immerse myself in a different place and become a person who was able to fixate on music without the distraction of worldly noise. I suppose that’s why I chose to wear a fencing mask with LED lights; anonymity is a key part of K V A S I R.

What’s the story behind your first single ‘First Throws’?
I was obsessed with stockbroker Alessio Rastani; after seeing him on the news I knew I had to work his super-capitalist speech into a track and when I dropped the sample into ‘First Throws’ it made the whole song make sense. It’s about those moments before you sleep; my mind, conscience and memory are all really active just before I rest and I wanted to write a track that imagined someone else’s state of mind at this point.  I liked the idea that everything is great at first but it’s not long until we forget that and move on; it’s a bit of a reflection on our throw-away society.

You have your debut self-titled EP coming out this Autumn, but are there any other releases you’re excited about?
I can’t wait to hear the full new Empire of the Sun album to come out later this month and Chromeo are in the studio as well – and I heard a snippet of a new Fatima Yamaha track that sounded amazing; I’m desperate to hear that again.

What’s the next step for K V A S I R?
I’ll be releasing the video for the single from the EP. It’s called ’Motion’ and the video is being filmed right now. The EP will be out on 4th November accompanied by a series of live shows and EP #2 is nearly finished. Having new material is important for me. I always want to make sure the music is developing even when the focus has to turn to promotion.

Who are your top 3 favourite electronic artists?
Tiga; College; Factory Floor. 

Can you describe your sound in three words?
Vibrant; euphoric; evocative.

Huge thanks to K V A S I R for answering our questions! 

K V A S I R’s new self-titled EP is set for release 4 November. 

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