Introducing Interview: Safe to Swim

Brighton Newcomers, Safe to Swim, have been making big waves since supporting The Night Cafe, BLOXX and Anteros. Gigslutz caught up with the band to discuss their brand new single, their inspirations and their backgrounds.

Firstly, what is the story behind the band? How did you meet? 

STS: A few years ago I moved from Georgia, the USA  to Hertfordshire and then to Brighton in search of a band to collaborate with.  Eventually, I befriended George Rawlings (Guitar), George Ingledew (Bass) and Joe Dennis (Drums) over a shared interest for bands such as The Strokes, Pixies, The Cure and a desire to be part of the local music scene.  We decided to form a band under the name, Safe To Swim.

Can you tell us the story behind your latest single ‘Friends’, which came out in November 2018?

‘Friends’ is about losing a loved one. It was inspired from speaking to a couple of my friends who had tragically lost someone very close to them. Based on what I was told, the song was born.

What is your writing process like?

Usually, if I write a song that is good enough, I will make a demo of it and send it to the band.  We can then bounce ideas off of each other.

Is Brighton an important place for you to play?

It is because we have got so many friends there and we know every venue inside and out.  Always feels like we can chill out with Brighton shows. It’s cosy. But other than that, it is just like anywhere else.

What is your dream venue to play at?

I think Brixton Academy is definitely at the top of our bucket lists. Or the Radio 1/ NME tent at Reading Festival. At least one of those and I can die happy.

Who are your musical influences?

Everyone from Lou Reed to Destiny’s Child. For a more detailed insight, you can head over to our ‘Safe Foundations’ playlist on our Spotify which we update regularly.

What’re your plans for the next 12 months?

Next up we’ve got some more releasing to do!