Introducing Interview: We Came From Wolves

Seeing success from the release of their debut album last year, Scottish band We Came From Wolves are back with a new single, and a new line up! Having won the ‘Best Alternative Rock’ category at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards in 2015, now is an exciting time for the band to make their return.

Hugely influenced by fellow Scots Biffy Clyro, and with a new EP out later this year, We Came From Wolves are fast becoming one of Scotland’s most exciting new bands. We caught up with frontman Kyle to find out more…

You’ve just released your new single ‘Ruiner’ and there’s been a line-up change. Tell us how you’re feeling in camp Wolves right now?
Things are going great thanks, the response to the single has been ace. It’s not the most obvious single choice but we felt the tone and direction was a perfect way to introduce a big change in the band, visibly also using the video as a tool to project this. We have just stepped out the van from our first run of shows with the new line up after 6 months of solid rehearsing, and are set to headline Perth Concert Hall, the biggest music venue in our hometown, this Saturday. I’ve never been so optimistic for the future of this band.

You (Kyle) talk a lot about a ‘dark period’ in your 20s, which has inspired the latest single – can you elaborate more?
This country makes it very normal for guys, and a lot of girls I guess, to drink and partake in a range of other things or behaviours, to the point of excess… I am avery sociable guy, but also quite a recluse. I don’t know at what point I started to have a problem with drink, but eventually it would get to the point where I was downing a litre of vodka before I could leave my flat for a night out and I’m sure that doesn’t seem weird to a lot of people, which is exactly the issue. I would follow this by acting like an idiot, doing things that would let my integrity or character down, whether people knew or not and I’d be in a state of poison the next day – to be repeated 2-4 times a week for the best part of a decade. I was doing all of this whilst in a serious relationship, with no regard for that person. Eventually I ended that and, with that, totally cut-off a group of mutual friends, trying to do the right thing and make it easier for the girl. After this point, I felt totally alone, and everything got even worse in terms of my lifestyle. I was in a pretty dark place a year or so later, of course there were some fun times, but all of this would be overshadowed by some deplorable occasions. I then had a course of prescription medication within this period which was not to be mixed with alcohol and was accompanied by a weekly therapist due to the medication’s severe depressive side effects. This couple with my continuation of alcohol abuse and the occasional dabble in other things, caused even more ruptures for me, my social surroundings and my emotional state. I started to had disregard for my personal well-being and would look for situations where I’d be in harm – it seems crazy to write all this down, like it’s too easy to just rattle if off as at the time this was so heavy and a real self-torture. I lost a lot of friends, a lot of myself but throughout it met my girlfriend of seven years and wrote the best material and lyrics of my life. I still enjoy a drink and have had the occasional lapse of excess, but I’ve seen my worst and spend my life trying to be my best now.

Are WCFW’s lyrics mostly about the darker side of life? What else inspires you when you’re writing music and lyrics?
They are just about life. Life here, in Perth, for me was grey at times – heartbreak, disappointment, betrayal, loss. Yeah, that’s all dark, but there are hopeful lyrics, cocky lyrics, ‘call it as I see it’ lyrics. I write about what I know – never any more or less. I never sit down to write a song, all the songs I’ve written have been a melody for a vocal hook coming to me, I voice record that, then figure out some chords and structure around it, all with voice memos (lucky I was born in this time of technology!). I was self-taught on guitar and don’t know any chords, tabs, notes – I just get these melodies and when it’s time to put a record together, figure out my voice memos with my fingers on the strings. It’s not the easiest way but it’s how I know, it takes time, but I never stop until it’s the best version I feel it can be. Lyrically I’ll get a vibe for the melody of a song and the working lyrics and live with those till the last minute, working on bits and pieces then usually take a day off from the studio before laying down vocals and head to a pub with the bounces of the tracks and my pen/paper and Macbook and spend hours finalising things, ensuring it all reads well, tells what I want to say and I’m happy living with them forever – then I lay it down.

Tell us more about the new members and why the line-up has changed.
The line up has changed as Taylor and Harrison had conflicting views to Rob and myself about the future of the band, we wanted to continue our relentless work in bettering ourselves and getting out whenever and wherever we can and they wanted to concentrate on other things. It’s all amicable but we need to be on the same page. We spent a lot of time and effort finding the right people and in Andy and Mackay, we have two guys who were made for this band, they are great musicians with a similar passion and drive to Rob and me and we have been having a blast hanging out, playing shows and making music together!

With the addition of the new members, how do you see the future of WCFW?
I never make predictions, but I have always said I’ll give this my all as long as it keeps moving forward and I cannot see any rest periods on the horizon.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
We’ve just played a headline slot at the biggest venue in our hometown, the Perth Concert hall, and we’re planning more touring round the UK – some festivals, some live sessions, releasing a couple more singles and videos from the album, hopefully getting over to Europe for some touring, writing and recording an EP for the end of the year as a little something ahead of a second album in 2017 and anything/everything we can get involved with inbetween!

Finally, where can we find you more about We Came From Wolves?
You can add us on Facebook and Instagram (@wecamefromwolves), on Youtube (WCFWTV) and Twitter (@WCFWmusic) we post different things on all channels to keep it fresh and love chatting with fans and visitors – ask anything you want! We feel a band should be as accessible as possible, we need to encourage people to be a part of it, to get out and have fun at shows again and nurture the local scenes! Our fans are members of the band, 100% – we all do it together, our songs are their songs and I love hearing other peoples stories of what my lyrics mean for them, it’s a genuine honour.

Huge thanks to We Came From Wolves for answering our questions!

‘Ruiner’ is out now, download it here.

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