Is bingo becoming a trend amongst young people?

Think of a bingo hall. Who is going to be sitting in there playing their beloved game? In your mind – if you don’t go to bingo halls yourself, that is – the most prominent figures are probably going to be those who are in their 60s or older. Grandparents, perhaps, or older people who love to play bingo for the thrill and for the company. They might go there one or two (perhaps more) evenings a week, and it’s a good excuse to get out of the house for a little while. For many people, this is what bingo is; a game for ‘old people’. 

The truth is very different. The truth is that younger and younger people are becoming more involved in bingo and are loving the game. Part of this is the fact that the bingo hall is no longer the only place the game can really be played; it is widely available online at and this ease and convenience means that it is possible for more and more people – including the younger generations – to play. 

Having A Fun Night In

One of the joys of playing bingo online is that it can still be played with friends and family. You don’t have to go out anywhere and can be in the comfort of your own home and you can interact with people (even strangers if you want to) whilst playing the game of your choice. It’s a much better option that heading out to a bar or nightclub (and probably cheaper too) and you can play for as little or as much time as you want to. 

If you want to create a fun night with your friends, play using Zoom or some other kind of video calling app and a drink of your choice. Add some snacks and enjoy a good chat with the people you love being with while playing a great game (with the potential to win some money) at the same time. 

Social Bingo

This social element of bingo is one that makes it incredibly popular with younger people who are very happy to spend time – either in person or online – with their friends. This sociable generation much prefers online bingo to traditional bingo. Although you won’t be seeing people in person in a physical sense, you will be able to have online chats with lots of people (far more than there would be in a bingo hall). You might make lifelong friends, or you might only chat for one game; the choice is yours. The social aspect of online bingo is just as important as the social aspect of traditional bingo, and it’s a good reason to play. 

Play When You Want

Another reason why people would want to play bingo when they are younger is the fact that they can play whenever they want to. They can play on a laptop, or they might want to choose to play on a mobile device thanks to the apps that are available. So even though they might be working a lot harder than previous generations (or at least a lot longer since this seems to be the required thing), they can still play. If bingo halls were the only way to do it, they wouldn’t get a chance to be involved at all.