Jam Luckhurst speaks to – R I V U L E T

Inspired by their parents 70’s and 80’s record collections, R I V U L E T describe themselves as a modern day mix of dance, trip hop, ambience and alternative. As highlighted in just one sentence, they have one of the freshest and innovative sounds we have heard in a long time with David Curtis French deep house beats working perfectly for Aaron McDermott’s ambient vocals. Jam Luckhurst popped along to The Amersham Arms in New Cross to chat to Aaron & David to see find out what their craic is….

JAM: So, first of all introduce yourselves.

A: We are R I V U L E T and it means small stream in French.

JAM: Why did you choose that as a name?

A: We used to be a post-punk band called King Liberty, we really liked the Cribs, the Libertines and all that shit. Then we were playing at places that were surrounded by bands who you had to keep up with, so we thought you know what, let’s try something new. Dave was our keyboardist, and we thought ‘fuck it man, can’t be bothered with this shit, we want to chill to some music, have fun and make a difference, that’s all we want to do. Basically, R I V U L E T came from when we had nothing else to choose.

JAM: So why did you choose to put your voice alongside a DJ as it were?

A: No one’s ever heard ambient vocals, on electro, we wanna’ fucking dance, we wanna’ party, we wanna’ have fun kind of thing.

D: I think it’s not just that though, it’s our past. I was brought up with garage and electro, and I used to produce dubstep and house.

A: Basically, we’ve both been brought up with 80’s, fun, jumpy, electro music, everything combined really of what we love, what we want to listen to and what people want to listen to. It’s all about having fun really.

JAM: So what crowd are you trying to introduce yourselves to?

D: Everyone.

A: Well when we’ve played at places near universities we get massive crowds, we’ve got offered stuff from radio 6, we’re playing in Dublin, Newcastle. I guess we attract the younger crowds.

JAM: How did you two realise your sound worked?

A: Well me and Dave used to love Bonobo, Flying Lotus, 70’s and 90’s music, even Blur are a massive influence, fucking raw stuff. So we thought let’s put it all together and Dave is an absolute magician at producing.

D: Especially, You Mo Li

JAM: Explain more about Yui Moe Lee, what’s that about?

A: It means my own spirit in Japanese, it’s about being yourself, I guess it’s quite cliché but it’s all about just being whatever you can be.

We’re all about expanding our horizons, and thinking ‘what can we do?’ When we were in King Liberty, we thought let’s get away from this and produce something new and exciting. All we want to do is our own thing, we want to make something beyond the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s it’s just all new fucking stuff. We want to make people feel warm and want to dance, take drugs, jump around, have sex to, just do whatever you want do!

JAM: So what are your main influences because your sound has arisen from so many different genres?

D: Well Aaron was brought up from vintage rock, whereas I was brought up with 80’s synth pop like Gary Neuman, Yazoo, all of that. My brothers were also garage DJ’s and I used to idolise them and that inspired me to produce my own sound.

JAM: Down to a T, how would you two describe your sound?

D: I don’t think we can, can we?

A: Well…I would describe it as electro, trip hop, ambient, new school, indie, alternative kind of sound.

D: We’re just trying to get sound that everyone can listen to, any time, any day.

JAM: So to wrap it up, favourite track? Has to be done!

D: My favourite just for the sheer and simple fact…

A: (Butts in) bet it’s MGMT

D: In summer, it just makes me calm and relaxed, and it would have to be MGMT- Electric Feel.

A: I’ve got two, first of all Nick Drake-Riverman is a fucking tune, and Terry Callier-Ordinary Joe.

JAM: Thank you boys, been an absolute pleasure meeting you!