Gigslutz Writers January Highlights

So that was January out the way. As ever we’ve rounded up the crème of the Gigslutz crop to find out whats been floating their boat in the month gone by. It looks like it’s going to be an exciting year for Gigslutz with lots of surprises up our sleeves so keep coming back to find out what we’ve got lined up for you next.  As always, thanks to the editorial bods and the contributors for keeping us ahead of the game, and massive thanks to all who continue to read our ramblings. The next radio show is February 13th on Hoxton Radio so make sure you tune into that. We may even let you know who our March special guest presenter will be…..

Cheers, Steve (Editor)

Mari Lane

This month I have been very much enjoying Hospitality, and am suitably excited in anticipation of the new Foo Fighters material. Obviously. However, fully equipped with my unsigned hat, my January Highlight comes in the form of a new video from my favourite upcoming band: Eight Rounds Rapid.

‘Talent’, an insightful and witty take on the music industry today, sees a gagged Simon Cowell (a pleasing image for many, I’m sure) tied to a chair as the band belt out their thrilling post-punk with style. Showcasing impressive riffs, droll lyrics and that incomparable charisma (whilst resembling the villainous ‘Red Hood Gang’ ), this video is yet another piece of evidence for my case that Eight Rounds Rapid are truly fantastic.  As the words ‘Britain’s got talent, but most of us haven’t’ blast out, it only goes to show that these Southend guys do in fact have heaps of the stuff, and are one of the most exciting bands around. Another highlight sees the licking of a sledgehammer. Enough said.

Elliott Homer

Any music lover worth their salt should be heading down their nearest picture house as soon as possible for the Coen Brothers’ masterful ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’. Its chock full of top tunes, courtesy of movie soundtrack maestro T Bone Burnett and great performances from Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan and a hippified Justin Timberlake, powerfully evoking the Greenwich folk revival scene in 1960s New York. More important however than the movie itself is the renewed interest it has drawn to forgotten artists and records from that period. This January the legendary Phil Ochs’ ‘I Ain’t Marching Anymore’ has been the best and most rewarding album I’ve heard in a good long while and I sincerely recommend you hunt down a copy.


Dan Bull

“Psychedelic” is a word that’s getting splashed about a bit at the minute (and I’m as guilty as everyone else), but Temples’ Sun Structures is an album that does it justice. Take The Beatles’ most experimental moments, add a bouncing T. Rex beat and the mystery of The Horrors’ lyrics and you have a debut that excites and delights with each listen. As with Django Django, it’s a homemade project with subtle Aztec vibes, and one that’s going to provide the foundations for a scorcher of a festival appearance. Watch them wreck the psych!

Elsewhere, The Districts’ (nothing to do with The Hunger Games) EP was a 5-track treat. The Pennsylvanian four-piece provide garage-band rock with hints of the blues, like early Kings Of Leon channelled through a Springsteen-machine of a lead vocal. With sold out shows across the US, here’s hoping we’ll get a chance to review them live over here soon.

Silvia Rucchin

This January has been a weird month. Whilst being busy re-organising my life, I haven’t seen much live music (horror horror!). However, my highlight was getting mental to some genuine ace tunes in the Some Weird Sin Club Night on Friday the 24th in the Buffalo Bar, Islington. Grotty and sweaty venue but what an awesome playlist from Ramones (who I don’t even particularly like) to Talking Heads. And The Clash and The Rolling Stones just to give a general idea. Another peak of the month is High Hopes by the Boss. It’s not a super remarkable album, but hey! Bruce is having lots of fun at the tender age of 64! Not bad for someone who has been everywhere and done everything. I will buy a spare pair of Converse just in case I will consume my old ones whilst dancing to it on the dance floor!

Allan Nersessian

Despite her EP coming out at the end of November last year, Rosie Lowe’s 4-track thing of beauty is something that I’m still playing with careless abandon. Title track ‘Right Thing’ is a gloriously rich piano-led tune with some great beats and even better vocals. A tale of letting go of someone and then regretting it, the song is reflective yet somehow maintains an air of positivity. Produced by the Invisible’s Kwes and Dave Okumu, there’s layers of clean space that get awkwardly scratched as a new sound breezes through whilst Lowe’s vocals pierce through all the tracks with glorious ease. There’s a plethora of female artists out there right now combining a mix of strong vocals over modern sounding beats (Lorde, FKA Twigs, BANKS) and Rosie Lowe should proudly take her place amongst them.

Kate Tittley

Warpaint’s new album is the tits and I love them! (I’d also like to add that I’ve been trying to get everyone I meet to listen to The Fool since it came out…who’s sorry now eh?!). Also Motley Crue announcing ‘death pact’ final tour thing.  It would appear I have one last chance to finally see the those lipstick wearing, heroin chugging, crazy bastards before they wonder off into their retirement strip clubs, I’ve already bought some new platforms and a can of hairspray…

Tash Walker

My highlight for January was stumbling across Cash+David.  These new kids on the block describe themselves as a ‘co-operative garage band’ based in London.  The first song Funn is highly addictive and has left me craving more.

Andy Chandler

For what is often a pretty strong month for electronic music, I’ve been left a little disappointed from the fairly slim picking. However, that’s not to say there haven’t been some pearlers, and my pick of the bunch is “Gecko” from Oliver Heldens, a bit of a banger with deep house sensibilities. Get your ear mittens around this one: