Jarvis Cocker’s new project, JARV, announces UK tour

The snake-hipped music man, Jarvis Cocker, is heralding in a new era of his career by announcing seven tiny UK shows under the name of JARV.

If you have not heard about it until now then you might be too late to grab a ticket to your local show – as their Manchester, London and Ramsgate shows are all sold out.  Tickets, however, are still available for JARV’s performances in Brighton, Liverpool and two-night residency in Castleton (near Sheffield).

The shows are due to take place from March 26 to April 7, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to sink your teeth into Cocker’s seemingly new outfit.

Alongside tour dates, JARV has announced their band members.  To nobodies surprise, Cocker himself will be taking up the reins of frontman while Three Trapped Tigers’, Adam Betts, will be manning the drums.  Serafina Steer will play the harp and keyboard while Emma Smith and Andrew Mckinney take up their places on the violin and bass.

The band members and tour dates were released via press release. Alongside this information, a cryptic message was posted.  See the full statement below.

“JARV is entirely implausible

JARV is a way of looking at the world

JARV is an acronym

JARV stands for something

JARV is louder than you might expect

JARV is two women & three men

JARV is up close & personal

JARV is troglodytic

JARV is a rave in a cave

JARV is a group

JARV is the next best thing

JARV is electric music

JARV is a work in progress

JARV is happening

JARV is ancient & modern at the same time

JARV is playing near you very soon

JARV is an experiment

JARV is a night to remember

JARV is a live experience with no barriers


……& always will be.”

What does it all mean?  Who are Jarv?  What music will they play?  Will they adorn scuba suits or all mimic Jarvis Cockers go-to wardrobe?   Grab yourself a ticket “be sure to wear appropriate clothing” and find out about the JARV project at the end of this month, first hand.  Be quick, however – almost all the tickets have already vanished.

JARV UK Tour Dates 2018


26 – Brighton, Patterns
27 – London, Moth Club
28 – Ramsgate, Music Hall


3 – Manchester, Deaf Institute
4 – Liverpool, Williamson’s Tunnels
6 – Castleton, Peak Cavern
7 – Castleton, Peak Cavern

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

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