Kyle Lettman picks his ‘Top 10 Summer Bangers’ of 2015

Whilst the Autumn weather hasn’t been too bad so far this year, sadly the Summer is definitely over. But instead of moping around and dreaming of a hotter climate, we gave UK R&B sensation Kyle Lettman a shout and got him to pick his top 10 summer tunes from this year. In true Kyle Lettman form, he has picked a couple of his own tracks, but we’ll let him off as they’re definitely smashes. Check out Kyle’s rundown below…

10. Wiz Khalifa – ‘See You Again’ ft Charlie Puth
“Fast and Furious is one of my favourite film series. This song is legendary.”

9. OMI – ‘Cheerleader’
“I think this song makes everyone feel good…and it’s catchy as all hell”

8. Taylor Swift – ‘Bad Blood’ ft Kendrick Lamar
“I don’t care what anyone says this tune is siiiiick. Lol”

7. Deorro Brown – ‘5 More Hours’ ft Chris Brown
“I party to this song!”

6. James Bay – ‘Hold Back The River’
“Just works for me this song, classic!”

5. Kyle Lettman – ‘Moving 2 Fast’ ft Scorcher
“I personally think this track is a summer banger!”

4. Skepta – ‘Shutdown’
“The energy on this track is crazy and it does shut down the rave! I’m also rating how Skepta is spreading the Grime sound worldwide; it’s healthy for the growth of the scene.”

3. Years & Years – ‘King’
“This song feels like something from the 80’s, I love most songs reminiscent of that time.”

2. Mark Ronson – ‘Uptown Funk’ ft Bruno Mars
“Come on now, who doesn’t love this song.”

1. Distant Light – ‘Mind’ ft Kyle Lettman

Check out what happened earlier this year when Gigslutz Urban radio presenters ‘Educating Josh’ caught up with Kyle Lettman to talk about his track ‘Moving Too Fast’ and more. Watch the hilarious video here.

Matt Tarr

Matt Tarr

Matt Tarr

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