Lachlan Denton Debut Single Out Soon

Signed by Bobo Integral, Lachlan Denton (of the Australian band, Ocean Party) has recently released his solo single, ‘Drinking’.

The LP release is said to be a break-up album, unquestionably emotion induced yet with a huge dash of optimism thrown in, which was produced in his former bandmates room, Ben Wooley. Ironically, the album will be named Two Months In Ben Wooley’s Room. 

Soothed in its own brilliance, the melancholy vocals are accompanied by the sweet strums of Denton’s guitar. Bridging the gap between bands such as Lloyd Coyle and REM, Bobo Integral has been re-activated for this great occasion – the track will be available on 21st September.

You can order the LP at Bobo Integral, here.

Lottie Stuart

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