Listen: Charlotte Devaney shares video for new single ‘Bass Dunk’

Hot off the release of her single ‘Flip It’ with US rap legend Snoop Dogg, DJ, producer and vocalist Charlotte Devaney returns with her brand new club smash ‘Bass Dunk’ featuring notorious hip hop shouter Fatman Scoop and one of the UK’s leading female MCs, Lady Leshurr.

With Devaney’s signature catchy synth weaved into the pumping electro bass line, as well as the sharp crisp sax sounds, the trio have come together to create a floor-filling summer banger that’s guaranteed to get the crowd jumping.

The Bass Dunk video, which was co-directed and produced by Devaney is fun and lighthearted and features Fatman Scoop in some hilarious scenes, Lady Leshurr joining in the fun and cameos from dance music legends Fabio & Grooverider and rapper Young O.

Talking to Lady Leshurr about her involvement on the track, she said,

“Charlotte just contacted me and then I heard the track, Fatman Scoop was already on it and Charlotte was already on it, they showed me my part of the verse and I just wrote it in like 10 minutes. I just kept it simple because it’s those kinds of songs where you don’t have to say too much it just has to be catchy and simplistic but effective, so I just kept it calm. It was a pleasure to be working with Fatman Scoop cos I used to dance to his songs and so it was a pleasure to be on the same track as him. Shout out to Charlotte as well cos she’s got a lot of ribbons to her bow being an artist, DJ and producer.”

Check out the video for ‘Bass Dunk’ below to see Charlotte Devaney, Fatman Scoop and Lady Leshurr in action…

Matt Tarr

Matt Tarr

Matt Tarr

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