TRACK: Iceage – Take It All

Copenhagen and its pivotal punk scene continue to spit out bands that balance poetry and cacophonous sounds flawlessly.  When the two are combined, you are left with the end result, Iceage.

Straight from their ‘Pain Killer’ collaboration with Sky Ferreira, frontman Elias Rønnenfelt and his ever-so-slightly incoherent vocal performance have let loose for Iceage’s latest release ‘Take It All’.

Marching drum snares set up the victorious tone of the track while Jakob Pless teases us with his shimmering bassline.  ‘Take It All’ sounds like a song celebrating breakthrough, or even a sigh of relief after a long struggle, each layer adds to the build-up, tip-toeing up to euphoria, which is a constant theme that continues to roll with the triumphant snares.

“While there was an air of a paradigm shift, and men were dying for the death of the west” are the reflective opening lines of the track, the vehemence of Rønnenfelt’s vocals leaves us with the impression he’s had one too many, all whilst wearing heart-ache on his sleeve, which after four albums, seems to be his forte.

‘Take It All’ is a display of disappointment to the world: “Everyone’s a criminal, every single last one of you is a criminal,
‘Cause the world is a crime” with a contradicting summers day, road-trip overtone. This snippet from their upcoming album only entices me to be another face in the crowd of one of their Uk tour in September.

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