LISTEN: Laura Marling – ‘Wild Fire’

As Laura Marling’s sonic self continues to evolve, she remains true to her greatest strengths. Newest track ‘Wild Fire’ (taken from the upcoming Semper Femina), builds upon what has always made Marling stand out. Her slightly off-kilter intonation highlights her poetic lyricism, as a wholesomeness underpins the melancholy, and a twinkling, jovial piano accompanies her crooning “do you cry sometimes?”. It is this juxtaposition that Marling has always known how to use so well.

Though ‘Wild Fire’ has no obvious climactic moment, the song manages keep the listener engaged. Marling’s voice moves seamlessly between her distinctive half-sing-half-talk and a powerful belt. Her vocal transitions aid her powerful lyrics: “There no sweeter deed may be than to love something enough to want to help it get free.”

The song itself occupies a space between heartbreak and heart-fullness; pride and insecurity. Marling does some of her best work when finding these spaces that are so hard to describe, and ‘Wild Fire’ is no exception.

Listen to ‘Wild Fire’ here:

Semper Femina, the upcoming album from Laura Marling is out 10 March via More Alarming Records/Kobalt Music Recordings.

Gabriella Geisinger
Gabriella M Geisinger is a twenty-seven year old freelance writer from New York City. She has her M.A. in Creative Writing: Narrative Nonfiction from City University London, and lives between the two cities. She uses words like bricks, building houses that keep you safe for a time.