LISTEN UP: Runrummer ‘Good For Nothing’

Featuring an effortlessly laid-back melody and lyrics tinged with swagger found on Lily Allen records, Runrummer’s ‘Good For Nothing’ is a bold move.

The song’s emotional lyrics stem from Runrummer’s – AKA Livi Morris – personal struggle with anxiety and depression.  “I tell myself you’re just a good for nothing, foul mouth, no point in complicating”.  The debut single channels what it is to have this internal mental conflict, and the subsequent need to get out of one’s head.

Such poetic and meaningful lyrics come as no surprise due to Morris having grown up writing poetry from the age of 11, which naturally weaved itself into the DNA of her lyrics when she got her first guitar. 

The track is more than just the depth of its poetic nature.  In fact ‘Good For Nothing’ is a track channelling escapism and a blissful descent into madness, due to it’s euphoric, electropop synths.  The harmony of the crazy synthesizer adds a dance-like streak to the track which contrasts perfectly with both the lyrics and laidback vocal from Runrummer herself.  The pulsating synth beats ultimately create a driving catchiness throughout the single.

‘Good For Nothing’ is a promising extract from Rumrunner’s debut EP, Soul Wrinkles, in which her influences from artists like Tame Impala and Flume can be fully felt.  Proudly discussing mental health and sexuality through oscillating synth-pop beats, ‘Good For Nothing’ is a triumph.

Emily D'Sauza

Emily D'Sauza

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