LISTEN: Sea Fever share new single ‘De Dacto’

Ladies and gentleman, please be upstanding.  For we are in presence of Manc rock royalty.

Quite a lot of it in fact.  Manchester’s Sea Fever are a five piece that among their number include not only New Order’s Tom Chapman (bass, guitars, synths and programming) and Phil Cunningham (guitars), but frontman Iwan Gronow of Johnny Marr’s band and Haven fame (guitars, vocals) and singer Beth Cassidy (Section 25).  Elliot Barlow – let’s face it, any Coronation Street viewer will tell you names don’t get more Mancunian than that – is responsible for drums, meanwhile, and although we’re less familiar with his pedigree, if the pumped up thrills of ‘De Facto’ are anything to go on it won’t be long before he’s as renowned as the rest of his crew.

The band says of the  self-produced song: “It’s Sea Fever experimenting with song structures and sounds. We wrote the song with a thumping back beat and pulsating analog synth.”  

With its throbbing electro-acid foundations, not to mention a superlative percussion wigout of a mid-track breakdown, there’s an obvious parallel to be drawn with New Order, not least ‘Fine Time’.  But that’s only one part of the story, to say the least, and in fact it’s the idea behind ‘De Facto’ – namely a nightclub-friendly disco record that comes complete with blazing guitars – that’s closer to them than the actual sound.

Iwan has a heavenly voice, and commits himself thoroughly to this passionately delivered tale of “not being afraid to speak up, voicing your opinion and opening this void,” according to Gronow himself.

One hell of a high energy calling card and no doubt, one Fever that you really won’t mind catching.

Live Shows

Live Shows
12.08.21 – London Rough Trade East – Tickets for the London show available here.
13.08.21 – Manchester Night & Day Cafe – Tickets for the Manchester show are available here.

‘Folding Lines’ Album Tracklisting:

1. Crossed Wires
2. Under Duress
3. Afterthought
4. Built To Last
5. Folding Lines
6. Satellite
7. Le Coup
8. De Facto
9. The Finder
10. Programme Your Life