LISTEN: In Search Of Sun – ‘Elevation’

Though not generally a huge fan of the heavier side of rock music, if the guitar line’s interesting, the vocals tight, and the drums complex, then I’m in; and that’s exactly what I got on In Search Of Sun’s new track ‘Elevation’.

Reminiscent of what you might find in an early Guns N Roses record, the guitars are what give this track a certain vintage rock feel about it. The groove is fast-paced and funky and, with the rhythm not as staggered as what you might usually find in a heavy rock track, there’s a refreshing edge to ‘Elevation’. 

If this band of brothers are on the brink of something big, and – if they continue making tracks like this one – I’ve no doubt we’ll be seeing them playing all the big festivals in years to come.

Listen to ‘Elevation’ here:

Jimmy Ingham