LIVE: This Feeling w/ The Jade Assembly, The Scruff, The Surrenders & Novustry @ The Bread Shed, Manchester, 06.05.18

Having just finished my degree, and jumping straight into the charming world of retail work, I feel as though I’ve abandoned writing a little bit. This Feeling helped me snap out of my creative rut, though, with the perfect offering for Bank Holiday Sunday: Novustory, The Surrenders, The Scruff and The Jade Assembly.

While I disappointingly missed the Novustory, on arrival the room was in extremely high spirits, and while we could just put that down to a sunny Bank Holiday, I think that Novustory deserve at least a bit of credit.

Having recently made the Pirate Studios Prodigy shortlist, we could have guessed that The Surrenders were going to be something special – and they didn’t disappoint. Bringing their unique, high-powered ‘rock ‘n’ roll, blues & soul’ to the stage, paired with a swagger that had everyone transfixed, The Surrenders know how to work a room.

Following a heartfelt ode from The Surrenders after a stint on the road together, The Scruff descended on The Bread Shed next.  The Scruff have been on my radar since I interviewed them in a very awkward (on my part) first attempt at a video interview in 2015. They were good then, but with a new lease of life – and a new guitarist – in 2018, they’re better than ever.

It was emotional – a welcoming back to drummer Omar who was diagnosed with kidney failure last year, and ‘Her,’ an ode to mothers that could make anyone sob uncontrollably – but it was fun. The Scruff have an effortless charm about them, and powered through the set with unrelenting energy. While frontman Adam routinely thanked Manchester for being such a good crowd, it’s all down to The Scruff, who, it would seem, are exactly where they should be at the moment.

Finishing the night off, The Jade Assembly took to the stage to all manner of yells and chants. Such chants continued through the set, and while there’s something off-puttingly football hooligan-ish about it, it would be wrong to fault The Jade Assembly on a gaggle of fans who are obviously hugely dedicated.

With sunglasses firmly on the entire time, The Jade Assembly treated The Bread Shed to a host of what I can only describe as Manc anthems; and The Bread Shed treated The Jade Assembly to a fucking good sing-a-long back.  Winding down with a cover of ‘Come Together,’ The Jade Assembly rounded off a night of bands that proved, as This Feeling nights always do, that new music is alive and kicking.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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