LIVE: Halsey – Manchester Academy 22.02.16

Introducing the night with incredibly talent enthused support acts, the entirety of the line up supplied the audience with a spectacular night. First, the vastly first-rated Flor, performing their biggest track ‘Heart’ and ‘Back Again’, resembling the likes of an electro Vampire Weekend. Los Angeles based band BØrns soon followed , performing‘10,000 Emerald Pools’, ‘American Money’ and ‘Electric Love’. Without a doubt, the pressure was on for Halsey to maintain, or even higher, the standards of the prior acts, for her headlining slot for the night.

‘Gasoline’ was the opening track, starting the set list with an appeasing yet satisfying note. Filled with fragments of distant electrifying elements and the eerie yet perfected vocals of Halsey herself, the strobe lights accompanied the ever present base within each track played. ‘Hold Me Down’ was next, with the previously heard electro yet haunting sound, an enhanced haunting tone being evident throughout the thoroughly engaging performance.

Playing other tracks such as: ‘Strange Love’, ‘Haunting’, ‘Roman Holiday’, ‘Control’, ‘Drive’, ‘Ghost’, and ‘Is There Somewhere’ and ‘Hurricane’; Halsey certainly managed to provide her fans with a vast set list. These tracks maintained the high presentation standards of the prior.

‘New Americana’ was the electrifying track to finish the set, their most listened to track, meaning the crowd were hurled into a whirl of excitement once the vocals began for the song.

Coming on for the encore with ‘Colours Pt 2’ and ‘Colours’ – their second most popular track on Spotify – concluded the night, being a perfect choice. Ending on the synthesised upbeat vibe of the track, the night drew to an exceptional end.

Without a doubt, Halsey put on a highly exceptional performance at Manchester Academy. Although, Borns and Flor matched the level of Halsey’s talent – these bands are bound to go far, watch out for these too.

Lottie Stuart

Lottie Stuart

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