LIVE: Ivory Wave @ Night People, Manchester 24.10.18

Ivory Wave burst onto the Manchester scene last Saturday night with their vibrant setlist. The Birmingham five piece performed their latest track ‘Frankie’, which reflect a 90’s inspired track with the animated guitar melodies of The Stone Roses. 

‘Paradise’ opened the setlist with its galvanising synth introduction, with the image to match. One of the highlights of the performance was the track ‘Club’, reflecting an influence of the Happy Mondays, which transcended the venue with its heavy bass and woven rhythms. Chilled vibrations and elongated pronunciations energise the number, simultaneously with the ear-catching guitar work in the entire track.

‘Separate Beat’ was also on the set list, which lured the crowd in with the chorus and addictive riff sequences, adding to the anthems showcased on the night. ‘Cool Kids’ was amongst the anthems, which is an addictive baseline and brass involvement. Though the crowd was simmered, all attention was on the new band in town, a band which no member of the audience would not be forgetting anytime soon. Following bands The Claremonts and Maruja had a tough act to beat, but also both provided a sound performance.

This definitely is just the beginning for Ivory Wave, and we already cannot wait for more… I would definitely keep your eyes out for these lot.

To find out more about Ivory Wave, you can catch them on Twitter here.


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