LIVE: LIFE, Gullivers, Manchester, 03.04.17

Following a weekend of Hull being fully represented, LIFE continued to fly the flag for this year’s City of Culture, taking over Gullivers on Monday night.

After support from Prowles, Fears Chella and Phobophobes – the former offering chaotic, almost metal-esque indie, the latter, garage psychedelia and Fears Chella floating somewhere in the middle with their indie-pop/grunge – LIFE took to the stage.

Though LIFE appear, and indeed are, disgruntled with a lot of modern life, they do, true to name, breathe life into a room. From the off, LIFE are completely captivating; drawling, ominous introductions erupting into huge tunes.

LIFE are gritty and angsty, but there’s something overpoweringly charming about the band: perhaps because it’s an angst we can all relate to. What LIFE create isn’t anger for angers sake; rather it’s a genuine disaffection with the world, and an attempt to change it. Indeed, their latest single ‘In Your Hands’ speaks volumes to a room of millennials in exactly the same boat.

As does ‘Euromillions,’ and between its lyrics of “you have the right to bear arms / if you’ve got the right coloured arms” and ‘In Your Hands’ call to do something about everything, LIFE had everyone gripped, everyone convinced. They’re not just moaning – they’re taking action. And they’re sounding bloody good while doing so.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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