LIVE: Metronomy @ Liverpool Sound City, 27.05.17

Are there any cyber punks out there?” Joseph Mount, better known as the driving force of Metronomy, asked the dwindling Liverpool Sound City Saturday night crowd. It was splattering rain, dust was relentlessly hovering a meter above ground level and the fans below the main stage were slowly and surely edging away.

However, Metronomy did not care about the elements nor did they care about their sparse crowd. The portion of swooning fans grooving and projecting every lyric back was what they were interested in.

Bringing their latest record to life, the white-clad Metronomy (besides bassist Olugbenga Adelekan’s funky longline shirt) sprung tracks such as: their new album and set opener, ‘Back Together’, show-stopping single ‘Old Skool’ and ‘Hang Me Out To Dry’, all of which pronounced that the Summer 08 era is officially upon us.

Weaving between their new tracks were golden oldies, such as the marmite-like ‘Love Letters’, classic songs ‘The Bay’ and ‘Corrine’ as well as an outing of ‘My Heart Rate Rapid’ and the melancholy ‘On Dancefloors’, both of which appear on 2008’s Nights Out. 

The band tackled the elements to preform a stunning set at Sound City. If anything, the weather managed to create a vivid memory in the minds of all fans – whether they were galloping around at the back to ‘The Look’, giving Ian Curtis’ dance moves a run for their money during ‘I’m Aquarius’ or hand stretched to the sky at the front barrier for ‘Love Song For Dog’.

Wherever you were, whatever you were doing and whatever your mindset: you understood this wasn’t just any old headline set that you would be forgetting in a hurry. It seriously felt as if a weight had been shifted, and we wonder why the band are not always port-of-call for major headline sets.

Take a bow, Metronomy, you slick things, you.

Ella Scott


Ella Scott

Ella Scott

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