LIVE (Photos): Gigslutz Live @ The Finsbury, 10.02.17 w/ Sahara Dam, Worst Place, Feral Five and The Nyx

Following the success of our first Gigslutz Live night at The Finsbury last month, with the very awesome The Empty Page, Young Romance, Tokyo Taboo and Petty Phase, we were back at the North London venue last night for more incredible live music. 

Kicking off the night with their incredible raucous energy are The Nyx; delivering an utterly electrifying set, this young band certainly know how to get a crowd moving and completely engaged in each and every riotous offering.

Second on the bill are innovative electro-punk duo Feral Five. Fresh from playing Human League founder Martyn Ware’s Picasso-inspired artists’ colony night at The National Portrait Gallery, Kat and Drew treat us to an array of their unique creations, each filled with hypnotic melodies and intense throbbing beats.

Oozing their dreamy, shoegaze-tinged melodies and sparkly harmonies, next up Worst Place cast their spell over the crowd. With their wonderfully uptempo offerings, it’s impossible not to fall in love with their effervescent charm.

Headlining are new favourites, Reading band Sahara Dam. Blasting out their gritty rock anthems, made all the more powerful by front-woman Hannah’s incredible, impassioned vocals and quirky charisma, they close the night in high-octane style; cementing their place as definite ones to watch for 2017.

Thanks to the four amazing bands who played last night. And make sure you come along to the next Gigslutz Live At The Finsbury night on 10 March, when the fantastic Madonnatron will be headlining. 

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Jon Mo

Mari Lane

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