LIVE REVIEW: Alice Merton @ The Garage, London. 10.09.18

We revisit the sublime Alice Merton’s live set at London’s The Garage, which took place earlier this month.  With a resounding personality and a lick of Florence + The Machine, it seems this up-and-coming pop-star can do no wrong.

There is a stereotype which taints the genre of pop.  It pains the image that somehow it’s creators’ lack of integrity’ or the ability to be deep. This stereotype was not only proven otherwise by Alice Merton but also put almost out of existence as she headlined The Garage in London, on September 10.

Kick-starting the evening was Millie Turner, who filled the venue with a contagious energy via her colourful beats. Hot on the heels of Turner were summer-pop duo Zoofan who injected adrenaline into their usual synth sounds via whirling guitar riffs coupled with a fast and furious drumming. Due to this, Zoofan seemed to provide the interlude to the lighter sounds of Turner and Merton.

Immediately as Merton took to the stage, it was obvious she was an artist who stays true to the personality of her sound.   It also seemed to be that her set was divided into three acts.

Act one began with a ripple of adoration through the crowd as they danced along to the choruses which were impossible not to join in with.

Act two saw Merton channelling Florence and the Machine as she showed us that she is also a force to be reckoned with euphoric hits such as ‘Hit The Ground Running.’

A unique strain of pop mixed in with the colours of dancehall emerged in Act three with the foot stomping ‘No Roots’ before returning for an encore with her latest sing-a-long hit ‘Why So Serious?’. 

Millie Turner and Zoofan not only succeeded in warming up the crowd for Alice Merton, but they were a seamless part of the night’s narrative which was a celebration in being unique within your own creativity. 

Nicky Lee-Delisle

Nicky Lee-Delisle