LIVE: The Orielles – The White Hotel 26.09.2021


The Orielles storm into Salford’s, ‘White Hotel’ to deliver a blistering set of psych-pop bangers. With a raucous energy and ferocity, The Orielles style their way out of this pandemic landscape and return to the throne of being one of the UK’s most exciting live acts.


Opening the set was the blissful psychedelia of, ‘Come Down on Jupiter’. Packed full of pounding drums, dreamy guitars and a bass riff so powerful it shook the walls of the White Hotel, it grabbed the audience’s attention, and pulled them into the slightly, Eraserhead-esque world in which The Orielles inhabit. This was seamlessly blended into, ‘Thrift Shop Cowboys’, taken from their latest release, ‘La Vita Olistica’. Building on the foundations laid by the previous track, ‘Thrift Shop Cowboys’ took it to a more visceral place with the addition of synths and an upbeat tempo that got the crowd alive.


Tracks such as, ‘Let Your Dog Tooth Grow’ got the audience in the palm of their hand, with the crowd dancing from front to back as The Orielles unleashed the tracks infectious melodies onto those in attendance. This level of adulation was also seen within, ‘Bobby’s Second World’ with everyone, front row to back, screaming the refrain of, “She’s a lady now” at the top of their lungs as the blissful bass riff brought the track to its transcendent high.


As the set came to its climax the band saved the two crowd favourites for last. Firstly, with the sunshine stoner pop of, ‘Sunflower Seeds’. The guitar work of Henry Carlyle Wade was truly extraordinary here. Shaking his body like a man possessed but still managing to carry the riff perfectly, it was truly hypnotic to watch.


Closing the set was, ‘Sugar Tastes Like Salt’. With its menacing riffs, intense drum beats and brooding bass tones, it highlighted an edge and aggression to The Orielles, that can only be seen when a band are at their best. Breaking into the funk tinged chorus of the track the aggression and passion never left the band at any point. As the track went into its, quite frankly mad, breakdown the band left the stage.


The Orielles at the White Hotel proved that they are truly and band who just keep rising, excelling what you previously believed their best to be. A show filled with passion, aggression and intensity it made for a captivating watch and highlighted why, to put it bluntly, The Orielles are up there with the best bands the country currently has to offer.