LIVE: The Vandalis – Fuel Bar


Fresh-faced Mancunian rockers The Vandalis headline the Fuel Bar, with support for the night coming from some of Manchester’s promising punk acts.

Opening the night was dream-hazed indie group Martini Police. Despite obvious nerves that come with one’s first ever gig, the Martini Police displayed a more than confident outing. Fuzzy and warm, the show gave a different edge to the hard and fast punk-rock that fuelled the remainder of the night and served to make the impact required within a debut performance.

Calpol drinkers of the world unite as following were hard-core punk-rockers Jungle Boys. Frantic and in-your-face, Jungle Boys channelled the intensity seen in groups such as the Dead Kennedys or Cro-Mags.  Floorboards creaked with the jumping of rowdy youths, even to such a degree the band received a stern warning from venue staff as the floor was in danger of falling through. Jungle Boys truly demonstrate the strengths of the burgeoning modern day punk scene.

Capping off the night were headliners The Vandalis and they did not disappoint. Continuing the frenzied tone of the night the sound of their screeching guitars permeated throughout the venue, ricocheting around the sweat drenched walls and bouncing teens. The band played a blinder, truly throwing their all into each and every song with the band gaving off an energy that was almost palpable. The night took somewhat of an odd turn in the form a duet with rap group Motto Estate. Although admittedly slightly strange, it would be a miss not to state that it was refreshing change of pace captivated those in attendance.

The Vandalis’ show at Manchester’s Fuel Bar showcased the fresh crop of rising acts within the region in a truly wonderful way. Not just sticking with one genre of music, the night instead gave a taster of the multitude of styles that make up the ever changing and ever growing sphere of new music. It was wonderfully capped off by the headliners themselves as they channelled the energy of not only the night but also those in attendance. The night left those in attendance excited for the future and, most importantly, hungry for more.