LIVE: Wolf Alice – Manchester Academy 10.03.16

Wolf Alice take us from the depths of muggy shoegaze to the rage of their grungy, driving Sex Pistols-esque bass lines in a matter of minutes, which is what makes them one of the most exciting live acts in Britain at the moment. Ellie reminices about the days where the band would play to 10 people in Manchester, but tonight Wolf Alice take to a sold out Academy with the world at their feet.

Rowsell sores with passionate, raspy, yet angelic PJ Harvey- like vocals through a mammoth 17 song set, featuring tracks from their exceptional debut ‘My Love Is Cool’. Wolf Alice are, without a doubt, one of the most engaging live bands touring right now, despite Rowsell’s significant lack of crowd interaction. It takes a good six songs for a visibly reserved Ellie to really find her feet. Then all of a sudden, she effortlessly melts into a euphoric ’90 Mile Beach’ and heavenly ‘Silk’, leaving Rowsell and the crowd completely at ease.

The ‘Bros’ shoegazers treat the packed out Academy to hidden album track ‘Wonderwhy’, slowly building and bursting into an anthemic chorus. Wolf Alice draw their stunning set to a close with a raw, rugged version of crowd-favourite ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’. Limbs are flailing, noses are popping and Rowsell is screeching as if here lungs are about to give out. What more could you want?

What Wolf Alice are doing at the moment is simple- but timeless, and that’s why they’re in it for the long-haul.

Abbi Parcell