LIVE: YAK – Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff 09.06.16

I really do think that it’s a huge shame that YAK have been thrown to the margins of the bottomless pit that is “landfill indie” with the likes of Rat Boy, especially when they have so much to offer, especially as a live band.

Oli Burslem’s vocals mirror that of a less stylized Jake Bugg; he’s a bit rough around the edges and manages to connect with to his audience with a real passionate and emotional delivery.

Yak’s short set at Cardiff’s home of hardcore, Clwb Ifor Bach, was a thing of manic beauty. With their grubby, punk aesthetic shining throughout, slightly out of tune guitars and ferocious drumming that constantly builds tension and anticipation. They barely came up for air and there you have it- you’re hooked.

‘Victorious’, the opening track to 2016’s Alas Salvation, provides the highlight, with a real “in your face” excellence about it. It’s the only song that you need to listen to to get excited about YAK, a constant battle between the seductive slur of the bass and the electrifying, almost deranged screeches of Burslem’s battered strat.

Yak bring a raw, angry yet organic energy to the stage – a sonic attack with real stomach churning effects. Its not one for the faint hearted but you will definitely not be disappointed.

Abbi Parcell