Mari’s Tracks of The Week – 10/08/13

Yes Gigslutters, grab a cup of tea, pause Curb Your Enthusiasm and relax and consume Mari’s wee gems for this week..

Aussie quartet, Cloud Control, have released the latest single from their new album ‘Dream Cave’ (released 16th September). ‘Scar’ follows the “wonderfully introspective downer”, ‘Dojo Rising’, and appears to feature more of the band’s electronic and hip hop influences coming to the forefront of the music. With the swooping harmonies of Alistair Wright and Heidi Lenffer, ‘Scar’ takes the guise of an emotional ballad, but with an uplifting, summer feel – it is both atmospheric and hopeful. Though the album was actually recorded over here – in rainy Kent – with traces of fellow Aussies, Tame Impala, or electro-musos, The Postal Service, one can quite easily imagine dancing the night away at a sun-kissed beach party whilst listening to this pretty slice of psych-pop.

Placebo have recently released the first single from their upcoming album ‘Loud Like Love’. ‘Too Many Friends’ features the distinctive vocals of Brian Molko,  an energised climatic build up with Steve Forrest pumping away at his drum kit and comments on the futility of social media and our increasing reliance on technology:  “My computer thinks I’m gay, what’s the difference anyway, when all people do all day is stare into a phone?”  Whilst the new song retains the poignant, melancholy vocals characteristic of much of Molko’s work, ‘Too Many Friends’ also includes an addictively catchy chorus with a prettily eerie melody on keys, reminiscent of much of their second (and my personal favourite) album, ‘Without you, I’m Nothing’.  To be honest, I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Mr Molko – in my eyes, he can do no wrong. Therefore, whilst this isn’t necessarily a ground breaking piece of music, if you like Placebo, you’re bound to like it. And, consequently, I like it very much.

Wu Lyf’s bassist, Tom McClung, has most recently reinvented himself as Francis Lung and his new single, ‘Age Limits’, certainly signals a change in direction.  Much more mellow than Wu Lyf’s creations, ‘Age Limits’ starts off gently, with a calm and flowing melody, but builds up to McClung’s raw and poignant vocals with an emotively effective crescendo. ‘Age Limits’ is the first taste of the forthcoming debut from Francis Lung entitled ‘Faeher’s Son’, which he is currently still adding the finishing touches to. The album features the exceptionally talented McClung as a one man band; playing every instrument on the record, with the exception of a single guest spot from his sister on violin, he also managed to self-record the entire album from his home in Manchester. ‘Age Limits’ is a reflective ballad, in which it really does seem possible to feel the protagonist’s pain through McClung’s penetrating vocals. Eerily beautiful, if this first glimpse of Francis Lung is anything to go by, then I am very much looking forward to hearing ‘Faeher’s Son’ in full.

‘Unsigned Tip of the Week’:

Having only been playing together for twelve months, The Sonik Seeds have already taken to hanging out with rock star’s daughters whilst recording their current song, ‘English Rose’, for the latest campaign for Rimmel London. Originally formed whilst studying Architecture in Leeds, The Sonik Seeds consists of Josh Boydell, Lee and Josh Wade and Jack Wakelin, and I bet they’re now glad they spent the majority of their final year writing songs and practising, as opposed to studying…just their first song, and they’re in an advert for one of the world’s oldest cosmetic brands, with the stunning model-daughter of one of the world’s oldest, best-known rock stars. Such quick success didn’t come without some hard work, however – spending hour upon hour practising in the infamous ‘Old Chapel Studios’, with the help of George Moran (Miles Kane’s rhythm guitarist), they were able to create retro, rocky tunes with high energy guitars and catchy lyrics. With that Northern, Arctic Monkeys-esque twang, pounding riffs and an upbeat singalong-ability, ‘English Rose’ is a perfect debut single for a young, British Indie-rock band. As well as featuring in big ads, The Sonik Seeds have also headlined the likes of Camden’s Dublin Castle, and have received acclaim from BBC Introducing, and I would predict they will not be remaining ‘unsigned’ for much longer – these Sheffield lads are headed for big things. So, if you fancy a bit of old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll with attitude, I strongly recommend you check out ‘English Rose’, which was released yesterday via i tunes.

(Gigslutz editors have a wild stab in the dark that there may well be a Jam influence in effect somewhere here!)