Max Bloom (Yuck), Hollow Gold and more to play pre-New Year’s London festival

On the December 30, breaking up the slump between Christmas and New Year (and a welcome antidote to inevitably disappointing New Year’s Eve nights out) FOAF Fest will be taking over The Lexington in London for a day of music, karaoke, and general escape from gritting your teeth at family parties.

Featuring Max Bloom (Yuck), Hollow Gold, Kadialy Kayoute, Heavy Heart and a DJ set from SISU crew, as well as Note-aoke from The Note Well and – in order to get rid of questionable presents – an unwanted gift raffle, it’s set to be the ideal cadence to 2018.

FOAF (Friend of a Friend) was born out of a wish to bring friends and friends of friends together to enjoy something creative and marginally festive. Tickets are £6 adv and more OTD.

Tickets can be found here.